• Dear Diary,
    My mom died and as if thats not enough my dad can't keep a job so he is sending my older sister Kana away(selling).I wish i could help but i am too young to work.He said he is going to send me to another house hold.But i dont wana go to another house hold, i wana stay and work with daddy at the Roman house.He gave me three days to pack up and say good bye to friends.Good bye to my old life.Kana, kana no! ZzZz..Mitzuki?Mitzuki wake up its only a dream.Kana, please dont leave me.I am sorry mitzuki its not up to you.Kana i need you.Hold on i'll be back.Aw poor mitzuki always waking up screaming and covered in sweat i just hope the kusanagi will take care of her...they are all she has.
    Thats the last memories i have of kana.Her voice and her gentle words.I sat in bed listening to the voices around me.
    Voice one-Poor girl, lost her family and friends.
    Voice two-well thats reality you cant take pitty on her for that.
    Voice one-Well can i atlest take her some food Mr thats reality?
    Voice two-I wont stop you, but if she is staying her she most pay with phisical labore.
    voice one-but she is just a girl.
    I am sorry to itrude my name is Mitzuki...and i...
    Ok easy now dont hurt your self.Yes of course i am sorry, i am just nervouse.Here let me make you something to eat what would you like?Oh um...i am really not hungry.Having meals made for me was new, we got left overs from daddys job at the ramen house or from the streets.Some times kana would steal me candy or bread.
    Kyo come and meet our house guest Mitzuki.
    Aw, shes a girl.
    Yes you guys are gonna be great friends.
    Friends right we didn't even speak to eachother, i remember we just sat there and glared at eachother.Growing up i hated Kyo he had everthing i didn't.After awile we started to talk little by little.I never liked him much but he really seemed to like me, he would always follow me and stare at me and when i asked him why he would deny it.I was not stairing at you i was staring at the cake.Was too! Was not was too!Well here then want some cake?You didn't have to push me into it.Kyo did you forget how to eat again?No i am not stupied mom Mitzuki pushed me into it.Mitzuki come here.Yes mam, woah what happened to kyo?Thats what i would like to know.Kyo you couldn't save me any cake?I would never save you cake you demon.I didn't know what to say me and kyo always teased eachother but we never ment anything by it.I watched as he ran off crying his mother following him.I felt bad but i knew he would never give me the chance to apologies so i waited till he was taking a bath.Kyo stay still i can't wash when you squirm.Knock knock.
    Oh what now?Oh, mitzuki its you.Can i come in?No make the demon go away mommy!Kyo stop splashing.Kyo i am sorry i shoved you into the cake.Well your still an evil girl.Kyo!Ok, fine i forgive you.I'll be right back you two i have to go check on dinner.Hey Mitzuki i have something i have to tell you.Yes Kyo?Come closer.Closer.closer.stop.Splash.Aw, you got me wet.hehe looks like you peeded.Jumps into the bathtub.Hey this is my bath tube.Hey kyo can i see the ruber duck?Oh thats Quackers the duck his squeekers broken.Here let me see.Dont hurt him...
    Here Kyo, he should work just fine now.(Smiles)Quack.Quackers your alright!Hey i am back you guys.Mom!MOM!mom!What.?what? what Kyo? She fixed Quackers.Alright both you outa the tub.Of course i was not aware of Kyos secret i am sure he didnt even know.Excuse me mr. what time is it?Its...i didn't hear what he said because mr.kusanagi whacked me on the head with a news papper.Mitzuki are you ok?Dad why did you hit Mitzuki?Kyo you will understand when you are older for now i dont want you to talk to the Yagami clan.The Yagami clan originally helped seal Orochi, but later made a pact with it. This gave them greater power, but shortened their lives.He didn't have to hit me.hehe serves you right.does not. does too.I am going to punch you if you dont stop.OW! my hair.Stop it kyo.you still going to punch me?Unfortunately we have not grown up much.
    Two days ago-Kyo.What?You know your new motorcycle you got? yeah,she is my baby.Well i crashed your baby.How bad?you know a few scratchs here and there...Well take me to her.See this is whats left of her.Your joking.I am not talking to you till you pay to fix what you broke.But.No buts.Well what do i tell your mom?How about the truth?
    And thats why he wont talk to me.Kyos mom-Kyos being a jerk because he loves you, you are like his sister
    Well yeah but,hes more of a jerk then he has been in the past.1well he is leaving 2morow so you better make up with him before he leaves.ok i'll try.(hugs)Where is he?He left on his motorcycle said something about a partyThanks bye mom.What about dinner?i'll pick something up on the way.Love ya.(Door close)As i opened the door it looks like every one was getting ready for a game of 30 minets in Heaven.Hey there Mitzuki.Ay, benimaru!So what are you doing here?I was looking for kyo.Kyos in the kitchen, and hey i suggest you get out of here before Mei knows your here.Why?Do you really wana play?eh,not really.Ok then i'll let you go.It was nice seeing you benny boy.bye.Walking into the kitchen i couldn't help but feel like some one was watching me.I looked around the room and noticed a red headed man, every time i glanced in his direction it looked like he was glaring at me.Hi i am Mei, your Kyos sister right?Yeah.Kyos a great fighter i hope he wins.Oh i almost forgot we are playing playing a game, dont forget to pick up a number.Here i have a spare.Number? You will see.Mwahah.Mei?Yeah.Could you introduce me to some of your friends?Sure.These are the ladies.....and...oh if i where you i would not talk to ...she is catty...but her husband...is so nice and...Mei.Yeah what?Whos that in the corner?Oh thats Iori he must have crashed the party.(waves)Well the games gonna begine come on.I'll catch up with you later.Well he is not in here maybe i just missed him.(Walks by mei) Mitzuki i am sorry but i gave you the wroung number.What?I promised Yuki i would give her the same number as kyo, can you and yuki trade?sure hands over number.Thanks Mitzuki.Your welcome.It would be kinda weird if you and kyo kissed i mean you are like his sister.yeah weird.Well who do i have now?I dont know it could be Ken, or Dan, or even worse Tarry.ew!So Mitzuki who do you like here?Well from what few guys i know i wouldn't wana kiss any of them.Dont worry i will find you a guy.Good luck.Good luck was right i needed all the luck i could get.Number 23.Mei i am 23.Come on guys.Nope.no.sorry i am 24.Ah, let me check the kitchen.As soon as Mei left some one picked me up and slung me over there shoulders and draged me into the closet.I saw a purple flame flicker and then heard a voice.Are you scared yet?Takes a breath and thinks to yourself why lie, you are obviously.Why should i be Iori?Mean while outside. Benny boy, where Mitzuki?She was draged into the closet by yagami.What!She is in the closet with yagami.I know i heard you the first time.s**t what do i tell Kyo?How about the truth?hehe right benny boy, why dont youu tell kyo.Tell me what you two?Ha-ha-ha funny joke Benny boy.What are you two hidding?Nothing.Fine what ever, where is Mitzuki.Um...closet.With who.I dont know.then open it now Mei! But its not 30 min yet, you always ruin my fun!In the closet.Well Kyos your brother right?Not by blood.Is it ok if i kiss you then?I felt my face turn red and my heart stop.I am damned already.I didn't have time to think or react because I was pushed into the wall.The last thing i remember was his muscles grinding into my chest as i gasped for air.The pain was excruciating but i didnt want iori to stop in fear that my few moments of sheer bliss would come to an abrupt halt and reality would set in.I pulled away and looked at Iori who had a smug look on his face.Satisfied?(Looks up dazed)Iori-chan, i...love...you.I love you too Mitzuki.(kisses Mitzuki.)
    Mean whlethe door opens and kyo benny boy and mei where waiting on the other side...
    What are you waiting for open it.Its your idea you open it.I'll open it.Kyo i dont think thats a good idea.Kyo no dont.Why not?Benny boy peed in there.Move you guys this isn't funny anymore.(door opens)Yagami!I looked up to see kyo staring.Kyo?You have alot of explaining to do after i kick yagamis a**.save it for King of fighter.(Iori-Helps mizuki to her feet)Keep away from Mizuki yagami!(Iori-kisses Mitzuki)If i win King of fighters mitzuki would you go out with me?I would go out with you if you lose,Iori i love you.Mei this is all your fault! why didn't you just tell Mizuki you love her!Ah. Kyo i am so sorry...i didn't know.now you do...Kyo can we talk?wouldn't you rather french yagami?Kyo...its just a dumb game can't we just forget about it?It wasn't just one kiss.Kyo please for give me.Only cause i love you(Mizuki-Blushs)Kyo can you you take me?Did you take the truck?Yeah.Ok where did you park?Out front i'll show you when we get outside.Bye Mei me and Mitzuki are leaving.Alright bye guys.It was nice meeting you Mitzuki.Like wise.Hey Mitsuki call me maybe we can have a ladies night out.Ok will do.Bye benny Boy.Bye Mitsuki.(hugs)Damn girl you got some from yagami.lolShut up.Well i am not the one whos like oh Yagami oh your so sexy but not as good looking as benimaru, he has the best hair.I dont sound like that.I know but i do have great hair.That you do.Hey ben.Yeah?Lets not talk about yagami around Kyo.Please.ok, he might turn green.Alright thats enough you guys come on Mitzuki.Bye Ben.Kyo take me to the car please.You want me to hold you?Yes please carry me.Ok where is the truck?Out front across the street.Ok, stand still.Kyo are you sure you can carry me?Yeah your liter then i thought.(unbottons the frst two buttons on Kyos shirt.)Theres something calming about a heart beat,Really?Yeah.Hey Kyo dont change.I dont know but i promise you one thing i will come back alive and i will kill that pretty boy yagami.YOu would kill yagami for me?I would kill anyone for you i love.Kyo.Yes?Please dont tell mom.I wont. .After he promised he wouldn't tell mom he kissed me on the cheek.Do you want me to carry you inside?Uh...no thats ok.Thinks to self do i really need him touching my butt infront of mom and dad?Well i am going to go work on my bike.Alright bye Kyo.(door opens)Good night Mom.Wait what about dinner?um...i am not hungry.Sorry Kyo she wont come down.thanks for dinner mom i am going to my room now.Bye(kiss)Knock knock.Mizuki?Oh hi kyo.can i come in?Let me grab a shirt.Kyo (push door open
    Mizuki-Hey!(clutchs breast)Jerk!(starts laughing)dont make me get the pepper spray.you wouldn't.Are you sure?you wouldn't hurt me.What makes you so sure?because i love you.(starts kissing Muzuki)Muzuki(shoves him away)Kyo get off me...uh ah mmm...kyo stop...Kyo!(Door opens)so i take it you two made up?Mom!
    Kyos mom-Kyo, get of of her she can barely breath.Muzuki-(breaths hard)Kyos mom-(rubs muzukis back)Are you ok dear?Yeah thankshehe sorry i dont know my own strength(Muzuki-glares)thats not the point.One moment you guys hate eachother the next you guys are making out.Ah,young love.whos making out?dont worry dear.Kyo!Kyos mo(pushs dad out door)Bye dear.(KiSs)Well i guess i'll leave you guys alonewink)(walks out of room)I am going to miss you.I'll miss you too.then atleast kiss me again.Mizuki(puts pillow over face)Kyo(throws pillow)Come on I am waiting.Kyo wait.mmm.ah.mmm.Are yoou sure its ok?Of course why wouldn't it be?We are practically related, we live in the same house.Ok lets just not tell mom.Agreed.And um...here take your shirt off.If we are gonna do this lets do it right.Moves the hair from kyos face ok big boy.I felt him tracing the contore lines on my body stoping at my a**.He stoped and brushed it with his hands before spanking me.Hehe you purr like a cat.Your my kitten.Meow.Oh stop.I'll stop as soon as i hear you moan.As soon as i hear that one moan i'll get off.Whats that prove?It proves you love me more then yagami.Tell me you love me.Kyo, i love you.I can't take it anymore,i love you so can we just be friends?Kyo it hurts me to say it but i dont feel the same way.Please dont be mad.I watched as he bottoned his shirt and got up and left.Good night Mitzuki.(Whisper)And good bye.I promise when i come back i will have killed yagami, and i will win your love.The next morning i woke up late the sun was streaming through the one crack in my window.I was still dazed from the one night stand with kyo.Omg Kyo was leaving today for the king of fighters thingie.With reality setting in i threw on my fluffy rob and ran into Kyos room.I was hoping i could catch him before he left.Kyo?Kyo?Mom where is Kyo?He left already sweety.What?He said he already said bye last night.Good night Mitzuki.Bye.Aw,kyo.Whats wroung dear?I dont know what to do.Do what your heart says.Thanks mom.Well after you take out the trash.Taking out the trash,taking out the trash.(whistling)Hey Mitzuki.Yeah mom.I was thinking we could have a ladies night.Sorry mom i have plans already.Oh, ok have fun.(Sigh)alone again.Dials bens number.Aw nothing.Wait Mei.Hello Mei you there?Come on pick up.Hello?Hi Mei.Mitzuki?Hehe yep.What do you want i am going on soon.Its Kyo.Boyfriend troubles?Kyos not my boyfriend.Well actually after yhe party me and kyo had a one night stand.Wait what?I thought you guys where like brother and sister.Thats what i thought.Anyway i want to come to the king of fighters and set things straight.How are you going to get in?I was going to make up a name and wear a crazy costume.thats a suicide mission.thanks Mei you could atleast pretend its a good iddea.Or you wana see me.its not like that,but you could get hurt if some one thought you where a particapint.yeah all it would take to hurt me would be if you sat one.hehe i am F-r-a-g-i-l-e.Flash back Wah Kyo get off me, it hurts.give me your juice.No its my juice.
    Kyo get off me...uh ah mmm...kyo stop...Kyo!Door opensso i take it you two made up?Mom!Kyo, get of of her she can barely breath.Muzuki-(breaths hard)Flash back endsok i wont come.Good forget all about it.ok i am going to wach tv, bye.Sucker.Mwahaha.Hello Yuki, i was going to surprise Kyo and show up at king of fighters but i need a ride.Do you wana come?Sure what time?How about an hour?Ok sounds great.Great what am i going to do for hour?Turns on tv.Yay for reality tv.A bag of chips and two sodas later.Omg i have to get to Yukis.Dad can you take me two yukies?What are you doing at yukies?Girl stuff dad its a sleep over.Ok just no boys.Ok dad no boys i promise.Dad no turn here.Ok thanks dad i owe you one.Bye sweety be good, and no boys.Hello?Knock nock.Yuki hurry up!Sorry Mitzuki, i wanted to look my best for Kyo.Of course you do.Now come on.Ok hold on.Mom i am leaving now.Bye.So whos driving?Well its your car.Oh.ok.Do you want me to?Well..i Here we can take turns.Mitzuki i know you and Kyo live together and are like brother and sister but do you love Kyo? Of course silly he is my brother.No like love him. love him.Thinks to self well we did have a one night stand.(Smiles) me and kyo are just friends nothing more.So your cool with me having a crush on him?Of course.Thanks.Hey Mitzuki, so if you dont like Kyo who do you like?Well i um...(Blush)Come on you must have a special somme one dont tell me you are just going to see Kyo.aW STOP IT Yuki, i dont like anyone, because everone i am close to dies or leaves me.Oh i am sorry i didn't know.I know you didn't.Hey Mitzuki,lets be friends i wont leave you.Ok i'll hold you to that.Hey is that the place?Yeah lets find a parking spot.Hey Yuki can you drop me off up front? ok sure.Thanks.Oh when you are done parking meet me at kyos room.alright kyos room got it!Hello Iori so what room are you in?Ok i'll be there in a few.Aw,crap complacations.Hello boys sorry i got lost on my way to the bathroom, i will be going back to my room.Your room,and what room would that be?Um will you excuse me i just got a text.Mei what room you in?220.Thanks.Room 220.Whats your name?What you dont know who i am i am Meis sister.(Text Mei)Hurry up.Is there a problem?We got this girl sneaking around.Oh shes with me, she is my sister.My apologies miss.Thanks Mei.No prob.Will you promise to leave as soon as you tell kyo what you need to tell him?I promise.Ok hurry, he could go on at any time.Thanks Mei bye.Stops at a door and nocks.Iori?Hi Mitzuki.Oh my gosh i thought i would never see you again Iori.Can i come in?Oh yeah um...please do come in.Mean wile.Knock,knock.Hi Kyo.Hi Yuki, i didn't expect to see you here,i would have thought mitzuki would have came.Oh gosh thanks, and what do you mean, mitzuki is here she was so excited she had me drop her of at the front wile she parked.Well i have not seen her.Maybe she got lost.Kyo we have to go look for her.Ok let me get my coat.Mitzuki!Mitzuki where are you?Mitzuki?Mei,sh i hear something coming from Yagamis room.Yagami?You dont think he kidnaped her?Nah, Yagami wouldn't do something like that.Ah,ah,ah,ow.Moaning.Yagami.Knock,knock.Yagami!Kyo the doors open.Turns on light.Kyo what are you doing in my room?Looking for Mitzuki.Well go away.Kyo lets go i dont want to get yagami mad.where is she yagami?(Punchs bed)Come on Kyo shes not here.Well then we will be on our way out bye yagami.Drags Kyo.Kyo you go fight i'll keep looking.MMM.You can come out now.I walked out of the closet dressed in yagamis shirt and my bra and panties.He had a smug look on his face.Why so smug?I think you know why.Oh do i now?Pushs Iori on bed, and pulls out whip.Snap.Throws whip,and pulls of Ioris pants.Kinky.Your one sexy man yagami.He simlpy replies with a "iknow" wile his arms make there way up to my breast.Y...Y...Yagami?Shh.He to the chance to let his tongu explore the inside of my mouth.Hm.i closed my eyes and let iori take over.When i opened my eyes iori sat over me licking his lips in satisfaction.I decided to tease him so i bit his lower lip.He replied by nibbling away at my neck.He was waiting for me to give in.For a faint moan to escape my lovely red lips.I could have stayed like that all day just me and iori,of course it was too good to be true because Iori would soon leave me to go fight in the King of Fighters.Mitzuki promise me you will stay in here,no matter what happense.I dont want you to see me in pain.But...please dont protest,i say this cause i love you.I love you too.I watched as he dressed then walked out of the room.To take the fact that i was alone off my mind i sliped under the covers and turned on the tv.I found some detective show and kept that on for awile i didn't pay much attention to the black and white images or dialogue between the characters i was worried about yagami.Eventually i fell into a deep slumber.I dreamed that yagami was still here.I could fell his breath on me and his lips and...Meow.I woke up with Ioris cat in my face.Meow?I keplt pleading like a dog who wants there stomach scratched.I dont know what you want cat.Oh s**t look at the time King of fighters is just about wraping up.I quickly dressed wile the cat sat at my side with a dazed expression...kinda the way i felt.I know he said not to leave but i'll just sneak a peak then leave.And you cat,will stay here.I am off iori...i mean ioris cat.Looking at his cat i can see him...its weird.As i walked into away i heard some one call my name.Mitzuki chan!Oh hi Yuki.You look a mess,where were you?I got tied up talking to some one.For 3 hours?Yeah.You got me and Kyo worried.You saw Kyo?Yeah we where looking for you.Aw,thanks guys i am fine.Well come and sit bye me and Mei.Ok.I followed yuki over to a seat and sat down.Mitzuki,hi!where were you?long story i'll tell you later.Aw where you making out with Kyo again?No i was talking to a friend.For 3 hours?Yeah.Are you ok Mitzuki, your face is really red.Hey guys look its kyo.Yeah.He doesn't look so HOT.Aw,kyo.I hope he doesn't strain himself.Hey Mitzuki sit down.I'll be back.Pulls down hood.I just hope no1 reconizes me.As i made my way down to the stage i saw that both men where lying on the floor.Kyo looked worst off he was lying face first coughing up blood.I walked over to him first since he was closest.Kyo,i am so sorry i love you,but i just love Yagami more.I picked up his head and kissed his lips.Good Bye Kyo.I walked over to Yagami.He was just barely able to stand up on his own.Who are you?I looked into his eyes.Iori its me.He pulled my hood of and kissed my nose.Then he picked me up bridal style and carried me back to his room.Once we got back to the room,i had him undress so i could attend his wounds.Dont move Iori.I sat and watched as he fell asleep.The next day i woke up early and made break-fast and put a warm wash rag on his head.Iori was bed ridden for 3 days,and more depressed then ever.Finally when he fully recovered he went back to obsessing about KYO.Now that you feel better why not have a glass of red whine with me?Please.Flips hair and bats lashs.Aw,you know i cant say no to you.I thought if i got him drunk enough he might forget about kyo and maybe think about having sex again.