• It took about 2 weeks of nagging from my friends to gain the courage to go to the Asylum. All-in-all, it turned out to be a pretty awesome adventure. Yes I have been to a haunted hotel room, but the Asylum was deffinately the creepiest. For instance, the very first time I went there, it was me and four of my friends. Two guys, two girls, and me, and as usual, the two other girls were behind the three of us. As we were walking up the snow filled path to the front of the Asylum we heard a loud metal-on-metal screeching sound from inside the Asylum. The girls screamed and the guys jumped to protect them from any unknown being that may happen to have flown out. Knives at the ready, we all saw a glimpse of something move in the second story window. So being the leader that I am, one of the guys and I went to check it out while the other stayed with the girls.

    As we went in the house, the front hallway branched off into two, one left and one right. To the right was an empty office with just a desk in the middle of the room. There was dust everywhere from the abandonment. There was one window in the far right corner of the room looking out to the path that we had just come from. To the left was another stretch of hallway. We went left. At the end of that hallway, there was a three-way fork. To the right was another empty room, but this one was all padded up, the stuffing coming out of the walls and the ceiling. To the left was another room with a desk, but this one had a chair in it and no window. In front of us were the stairs leading up.

    We went up and I swear, as soon as we stepped foot on the top step every sound disappeared. It was like we had become completely Deaf in a matter of seconds. The only sounds we heard were our footsteps and our heartbeats. There was no noise at all. No crickets, no birds, no bugs or beetles, nothing at all. It was scary. The whole top floor was one big empty room; it was falling apart mostly, broken down walls, holes in the floorboards, ceiling cracking and falling down. There were a few windows with glass that looked as if it had been broken in from the outside. There were two doors in the whole room, one in the far left corner and one in the far right. The far right doorway led to nothing. It was a doorway, but it just dropped down to the first floor, no ladder or steps. There were a few see-through coffin-like cages around the room made of only wire and steel protruding with once-sharp needles. They were rusted with blood. We kept moving and went through the far left doorway.

    We had finally found the room we saw from the outside, but there was nothing was there at all. The whole room was yet again empty save one bookcase and a small child-like desk in the corner. We looked at the floor and it was all covered in dust, but there were fresh drag marks from where the bookcase was to where it was placed now. This bookcase looked like it was about ready to fall over and tumble into a million pieces if someone even breathed on it. Mind you as we walked through this Asylum we left footprints in the dust, but there were none anywhere other than the ones we had just made walking in. As we were turning to leave, we heard the loud metal screeching sound again. We looked back and the bookcase was in its original spot, the drag marks now on the other side. We decided to go over and look. I took one step back into the room and heard a child’s laughter. We both ran back to our group, not even looking over our shoulder on the way out.

    Needless to say, it was creepy, but I'll never think about it without getting
    goose bumps. It changed me. Ever since that day, I have always listened closely to my surroundings. I never walk into a place without knowing where things are first. Even though our group was scared out of our minds, we are pretty much adrenaline junkies and go back at least once or twice a month for a little thrill.