• Ch. one the new born
    In the Gray walls of the castle a king is pacing up and down the corridors.His wife is in labor though he didn'tsee it coming. Funny thing is that she got pregnat when he was on a trip to another land. He awaits to see whom the baby looks like so he can slaughter both the traitor and the newborn. A kitchen maid comes up to the pacing king."Sir..."
    "Yes" his voice high with regret
    "the baby" she says "you can see her now." He stops pacing and walks into the room.
    "Come here and see her" he looks at his queen and her honey blond hair, her blue eyes, and her perfect lips.
    "Of course" the king says "and i suggest you take one good look at her because it will be the last time you ever see her!" He walks over to his wife and looks at her ocean blue eyes; seeing them storm with fear. He takes them baby from her and the moment he touches the newborn she begins to cry. After he picked up the crying baby he looked at her.
    Her hair was red with orange streaks and her eyes were cream. She looked like nobody in the kingdom.
    "say bye" the king picked up the tiny baby's arm and made her wave at her mom.
    "goodbye my tiger" she called to the baby. The king left the room with the baby. He closed and locked the door to the queens room and told the nearest gaurds to kill the queen.The baby was handed off to the nearest servant. The servant ran out of the building and took off with the baby in her arms. She was never seen again by the people of the castle.