• It was late evening and Lea,Link,Mokuto and Vivi had arrived at Gale Forest.
    Lea: "Well,we finally made it."
    Mokuto: Yeah,now how do we go about finding the crystal?
    Lea: "Hmmm,hard to say." I guess we should try searching for it."Lea and Mokuto left the carriage to go find the crystal,leaving Link and Vivi who had both fallen asleep by themselves. Lea was looking on the ground and Mokuto was looking in the trees but neither of them were having much luck.
    Mokuto: How are we supposed to find them when we don't even know where to start? At that moment a girl with short green hair with ribbons in it,wearing a belly shirt and a half skirt with shorts underneath it appeared out of nowhere.
    Karen: "Well,your sure not going to find it the way your doing it." Mokuto stared at the girl curiously.
    Mokuto: "And why's that?"
    Karen: "Because i have it." Karen pulled a green crystal out of her shirt. Both Lea and Mokuto looked at Karen with looks of shock and spite.
    Lea: "Give that to us!" "We need it more then you do!" A smirk passed over Karen's face.
    Karen: "I don't think so." "This crystal gives me a special power and i'll never give it up!" Karen replaced the crystal inits safety zone and blew a gust of wind lined with magic at Lea and Mokuto.They both raised their arms to shield themselves but to no avail,they both came out of the assault with torn clothes and cuts on their bodies. Lea looked over to Mokuto with a mixed look of pain and concern on her face.
    Lea: "Are you all right Mokuto?"
    Mokuto: "Yeah i'm fine."
    Karen: "You won't be for long!" Karen whipped up a tornado and watched as it sucked up Lea and Mokuto.
    Lea/Mokuto: Aaaaaah!
    Karen: "Hmph that took care of them, now there's nobody to stand in my way."
    Meanwhile at the carriage.
    Link: "Those screams sounded like Lea and Mokuto."
    Vivi: "We should go check it out."
    Link: "Yeah." They left the carriage and headed to where the screams came from.
    Karen was just about to leave when Link and Vivi showed up.
    Link: "Hey,where are Lea and Mokuto?" A grin spread over Karen's face.
    Karen: "They're gone."
    Link: "What do you mean gone?!"
    Karen: "I sucked them into a different dimention." A shocked look washed over Link's face.
    Link: "Let them out!"
    Karen: "Sorry no can do,the only way to get them out is to defeat me." A worried look washed over Link's face.
    Link: (Is that really the only way, i don't have a weapon so how can i defeat her?) Vivi started mumbling under her breath.
    Vivi: I've lost loved ones before and i don't want to ever again......
    Karen: "Huh,what was that?"
    Vivi: "Give them back!" At that moment Vivi started glowing and turned into a sword. Link was staring at Vivi in surprise.
    Link: "Whoa,Vivi....."
    Vivi: "My sword form has been revealed,does it weird you out Link?" Link shook his head.
    Link: "No, in fact it impresses me." "Now we can defeat her!"
    Vivi: "Exactly what i was thinking." "Let's get her Link!"
    Link: "Yeah!" Link grabbed onto Vivi and faced Karen with a determined look on his face. Link charged at Karen.
    Link: "Your going down!"
    Karen: 'That's what you think!" Karen blew a gust of wind at Link but to no avail because Link cut right through it.
    Karen: "How did he cut through my wind so easily?"
    Vivi: "That's my special ability i can cut through any attack, you don't stand a chance!"
    Karen: "Ugh,dammit." At that moment red magic surrounded Vivi and Link's eyes turned red.
    Link: "What's going on?"
    Vivi: "It's my special attack the Lightning whip,it shocks you to your very core."
    Link: "Cool." Link swung Vivi and a red whip shot out of the sword and wrapped around Karen.
    Karen: "Ugh!"
    Link: "Oh yeah!" Small sparks of lightning played around the whip and electricuted Karen.
    Karen: Aaaaaaaah! Karen passed out and the wind crystal fell out of it's safety zone.
    Link: "Yeah we got the Wind crystal!" At that moment Lea and Mokuto appeared out of nowhere.
    Link: "Lea,Mokuto!" Link ran towards them.
    Lea: "Link, i'm so glad your okay!" Lea wrapped her arms around Link and pulled him into a hug. Mokuto looked towards Karen.
    Mokuto: "We should get out of here before she wakes up."
    Lea: "Yeah." They all headed back to the carriage and left Gale Forest for their next destination.