• "When I was 7 years old there was this storm called Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans,LA in the year 2005.Me and my family had to make lots of transportation to go to a different area.We did'nt have enough time to really play around.We had to make all kinds of arrangements to get a new place and furnature.We really didnt have much time to rest or nothing.We had to get ready to evacuate from the storm.

    "The next day,We put gas in the van,packed clothes,food,drinks,important papers,and other items.We had to make room for me my mom,my aunt,my grandmother,my uncle,my brother and my cousins.After we got everything together we headed on the road.Me,my brother,and my cousins was in the back of the van playing,chatting,and having fun.The adults was so annoying they kelp on fussing at us every 5 minutes because we playing around.Them adults was getting on our nerves.Especially my uncle,He whipped us with the stap off of my grandmothers purse.My grandmother(Mercedes) had me so spoil she gaved me anything i wanted.We stopped at the store and she bought me,my brother and my cousins all kinds of candys.My mother(Darline)bought us all kinds of juices,My aunt (Beth) bought us finger sandwiches,and my uncle(Arthur) bought us a plate of food.After we ate we went straight to sleep.I think the adults had a peaceful time without hearing our voices.

    "In one hour we arrived at the Days Inn Hotel in Morgan City,La.We rented two rooms for Me,my mom,my aunt,my grandmother,my brother,my uncles and my cousins.Our rooms was right next to each other.The rooms had two beds,a radio,a bathroom,a television,a refrigerater with a recliner.The beds was so comfortable.We had a few minutes to get settled and stuff.After we got settled we set up for a little bit and then we went to sleep.We was getting ready for tommorrow.

    "The Next Morning,We went to Patterson,La waiting at the Walmart parking lot for my cousin (Leroy) to pick us up.My cousin (Leroy) let us live by his house until we got our new place to live.They registered me and my cousins at this school called Hattie A.Watts Elementary school.We met new friends and new people.In a couple more days My grandmother found a place for me,my brother,my mom and my auntie to live in Patterson,La.My uncle found a place for him and my cousins to stay in Berwick,La.In two months my mom went to get my sister(Mary) from her dad.When my sister came back home I was so excited to hold her and feed my sister her bottle again.We was a big happy family

    biggrin "The End!!!" biggrin