• i wonder why Mt Pritchard East began chasing me? it's weird right? was it because i was the silent type? or was it because i was the lonely type who gets bossed around all the time. who knows, maybe thats why i kept on training myself so that someday if i ever get pushed then maybe i could stand up for myself. back then i never had anyone stood by me. i guess you could say i was like those types that would fight by themselves and be left like a dog. i was sort of like a mouse being chased by cats. one mouse, a billion of cats. my fist was ready, my kicks were high up. i ran, and stopped. and felt ready to stand up for what is right. when i was a kid i didn't had any boxing training to martial arts. I'd always train with my brother who would teach me to kick and punch. sometimes i would watch one of my inspiring martial artistes like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. one time i think i won to this kid back in kindergarden, he would always use his lunch box. yep. a lunch box. nobody sees anyone hitting a kid with a lunch box these days. he was also one of those bullies that began chasing me. he would run up to me with a lunch box and smack me with it. so i was ready, once he ran up to me i ran up to kick and done a fully blown air side kick to his lunch box, run up and air kicked him again. i sort of won but he walked away. when i had a feeling of this kinda victory i said to myself "is this strength?" I'd always stood up for myself, sometimes I'd stood up for other people. i almost got killed in the toilets when i was a kid too, a kid with a pencil, i always bump into one of the most random stupid things, but dangerous too. but fatal stab and goodbye kinder garden. good thing i always trained my reflexes every morning at school, so luckily i twist my hip to the side and done a turning back kick to his rib. sorry kid, self defense. i walked away from the toilets and never used it again..... (i thought i was in jail :S) i got choked to death, been kicked by a ball, been humiliated by bullies but i still had my head up and stood my own ground. i never forgive bullying, i don't think I'll ever forgive the guys back from Mt Pritchard East, though I'll just have to leave the past and keep my head in the future, cause in the future who knows? i might become an artist one day. you know guys. you should really stand up to bullies, don't let anyone bully you, don't let anyone humiliate or think you're the pathetic one. cause the bullies are the ones that are the pathetic ones that say that. just stand up, keep your head up, if its a fight, its a fight for your own life, the decisions depend on what you do. stand up for yourself, be strong, make your parents proud and make a lot of friends. and also. always protect the weak as well. you are the one that is controlling you're own life. not them.
    then when i got into 2nd or 3rd grade in my new school. i had to face a 5th grader. he was a bully. he would ride his bike and harass me as if he was trying to hit with a bike. He'd grab my on my back and twirl my around or either way would grab at the back of my head. i had to stand up for myself again and again, as he grabbed me i immediately kicked him, but never really suspected in kicking him in the balls though, though i think he said i kicked him in the p***s, which was likely uncalled for, though he immediately ran away. looks like i won that. i get chased a lot of times everytime i go into my new school, teachers couldn't help at that time, so i would find and search around the school knowing on which ways should i go to get these bullies away from me. even if theres no way through, I'd try and fight my way through. defending myself and surviving on my own. i fought someone who i use to hate when he began bullying me. we shared our own fist and exchanged fist to fist. fighting and fighting. sometimes it would be 3 against me. though this guy was different. i looked at him as he looked at me. to me, he understood as if he knew me before i first arrived here. i use to hate him because he would bully me. but when we began to get along over couple few months. i began to like him as a true friend when we began talking.
    if you're going through bullying like me and people who have been going through it as well. stand up for yourself, you have the right to defend yourself and your friends. keep you're head up too, don't look down. look up. cause whats ahead of you may be a lot worst, but sometimes you'll find hope. though it's best that you have friends if you're going through bullying. when i went through bullying i never had friends to talk to with my situations or anyone who could help me. so please, don't go through the same things that i did. make friends and please live life to the fullest. cause you may never what you may archive in the future.
    I would likely give my respects to the people who committed suicide from bullying and wish that they would be always remembered.