• 10.) People can be nice without even thinking about it - they can open a door, say a kind word, lend a sweater, and so much more, and are confused when you say "Thank you".

    9.) People can know exactly how to cheer you up. They'll know that kareoke and ice cream is best to cure a broken heart, and that crass gossip and pillow-screaming is best to cure a broken ego.

    8.) People don't let you get away with anything; you can't pull s**t when these people are around. And although sometimes you're really disappointed, behind your frown you're smiling because you know they're looking out for you.

    7.) People share interests. Whether it's Harry Potter, Perry the Platypus, or Pokemon, people know what you like.

    6.) People can be catty. If you're part of the fight it's not funny, but if you're watching... Well, I'm not one of the nicest "People", and I personally think it's hilarious.

    5.) As stated above, some people are just not nice. And you wouldn't have it any other way. Because if there were goody-goody nice, they wouldn't be fun to be around anyway, you know?

    4.) People can connect. You can look into somebody's eyes, feel a click, and next thing you know you're talking simaltaniously about whatever subject popped into both of your minds.

    3.) People are unique. You'll never meet two people who are exactly alike, and you can have fun distinguishing them.

    2.) People can be anything, like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, a Power Ranger, an Astronaut... Anything.

    1.) And finally... Without people, we wouldn't have Phish Food.

    And those are the reasons that I love people.