• I'm lost and hungry. My clothes are torn and blood is gushing out of me. I can't see anything. It's pitch dark. The cold lonesome air is so stale. My fingers are trembling. The tears that I weep is not enough to describe how much in pain I am. I'm yelling as hard as I can, but no one can hear me. I'm by myself. My knee's trembles as I walk in the never ending darkness. I stop as I struggle to breathe. Coughing up blood, I manage to stand up. I see a door and flung it open. All I see is a skeleton on the table, a little boy with a knife, and his lifeless parents. With a spark in their eyes, they look at me. "Welcome dear," The mother says. She walks up to me and starts drooling. "Why, you look tasty." Afraid, I struggle to open the door. "It's too late. Once that door closes, there's no way out." She smothers her bloody hand all over her face. Her frail body comes closer and closer.
    "Mom, I'm hungry." The boy looks at me with as he licks his mouth. "When can we eat her?"
    "Why soon my dear." She gets a hatch and targets me. I ducked in the right time. "Stay still my dear. We don't want to waste your' tasty meat. Now do we?" Everything was a blur... I feel light headed and numb. "That's right my dear. Enough struggling and rest in peace!"