• As Mark stared into her blue eyes, those shining, deep blue eyes, he felt his heart skip a beat as she said, "If you're going to kiss me, you'd better do it soon. I can't wait anymore Mark!"
    She burst out in a fit of giggling, and noticed Mark's shocked expression. She put her arms around his neck, and kissed him. Mark could do nothing but close his eyes, lost in the magic of the kiss. He put his arms around her waist, hoping the moment would never end.

    1 year later.

    Mark straightened his tie. Graduation day. He held Kaitlin's hand, looking at her brown hair and deep blue eyes for a cure to his nervousness. She rest her head on his shoulder, soothing her own increased heartbeat, and preventing Marks left hand from shaking anymore. Mark smiled. Another perfect day. After the ceremony, Mark brought Kaitlin by his car. "Kaitlin. I've made up my mind. I want to be with you when you go to your new job. I don't want to be away from you for so long." Mark was sure his words came from his heart. "But what about your career? Weren't you going to be applying for an engineer job?" Kaitlin asked in shock. "I can't do anything without you Kaitlin." Mark replied simply.

    2 years later.

    "This place looks nice!" Kaitlin said, giggling a bit. Mark smiled. The house was huge. 3 bedrooms, a massive kitchen, and an amazing living room. He questioned the man who was presenting the house, to find out price information and dates on when electricity and water would be available if they did purchase the house. Kaitlin walked around the house, picking out where she would put furniture.

    3 years later.

    Kaitlin cried on her way home. How could she tell Mark? Mark had eventually forced her to go to the hospital when she said she was having trouble breathing. The doctor's news had made her burst into tears at that very moment. She had lung cancer. When Kaitlin arrived back at the house, Mark rushed up to her, and asked her exactly what she didn't want him to ask. "What'd the doctor say?"

    4 years later.

    Mark held Kaitlin's hand. It was as calming as it was when they were in college. They were walking through the park for a little time with each other. The bill weren't being paid, the electricity was out, things were going crazy. Mark and Katlin were taking this time to get away from all the trouble that was going on at the house to spend a little time togeather. "Where did it all go wrong?" Mark asked. Not expecting an answer.

    1 month later.

    "If you don't pay the mortgage, the government is going to take your house Mark." Mark studied the overdue notice. "Yeah we'll get it to you soon." The man eyed him suspiciously. "We? Is someone else here?" Mark looked confused. "Yeah, there is, Kaitlin, my wife? Don't you remember? We were in your office two days ago." Mark said.
    "It was just you ther Mr. Allen."
    "No, it was me and Kaitllin!" Mark said, almost angrily. "Here, I'll get her right now. Kaitliiiiin!!!" Mark yelled.
    Kaitlin walked from her room to the door. "What is it Mark?"
    "See? Don't you remember her?"
    "Remember who?"
    "The woman right beside me!"
    "There isn't anyone there Mr. Allen."
    "What are you talking abou-" Then he froze.
    She was gone.

    Kailin had not overcome the cancer, she had died a few months after going to the emergency room. She had told no one of her sickness, and died in Mark's arms, leaving him in shock.