• She is beautiful, yet she doesn’t believe me. I try to make her remember that, but there’s always a hateful deterrence that perturbs her. She believes that I only say that because we are of blood. The trash society and media feed everybody effects her, and it’s one of the reason why I hate the world.

    And then you come in. The sassy, sardonic sadist who believes that anything you had wrongfully done or anything immoral that you commit will be forgiven because that lump of fecal matter in your skull called your brain can’t function properly and pumps out thoughts that you are perfect - that you are everything that the world needs to solve every problem. Reality check, princess - you aren't.

    It’s not enough that you insult her. It’s not enough that you scar her with wounds she’ll never forget. It’s not enough you make her cry and make her wish that she would die. No, you’ve pushed the limits. You’ve gone too far. You’ve gone as far as taking everything that she has. You were selfish enough to take the things that kept her sane.

    She’s in pain. She’s torn into pieces. She hates herself beyond the point of what we believe is healthy or normal. She’s lost herself. She’s not even to blame. She takes fault for everything that happened. She takes the fall. The worst part is that you are obstinate enough not to turn around, to take one look at the damage you’ve done, and rethink the actions you take and the words you speak. Just because she hasn't physically shown the harm you’ve caused her - just because the scars on her wrists aren't present - it does not justify that you are free to do whatever you please. She’s hurting in the worst way possible: she’s dying inside. Her heart is compress into nothing but a ball of sorrow and her mind is muddled with thoughts of suicide and faults. She deserves the love and attention, and you don’t. She suffers with the pain, and I have to see her writhe and scream. It’s not an easy sight to see. It hurts people that have a heart, unlike you do. I will get back at you for this. Keep washing your hands, Lady Macbeth - the sins that have afflicted her will not be easily forgotten.