• well I discovered the strangest things I have done in my whole life is when I tried to actually hide in the tunnels. I didn't actually notice about how pale I was. Sometimes I felt like the failure or something . So I tried to hide in the caves, and actually failed. Well i have a secret, that nobody will know. And no matter the cave or how dark the outside my skin glows. Every time when I saw the movie called the pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no tales.

    I told my friend that I was a main girl in the movie in which I like her blue dress. So my friend said " no, you're a ghost in that movie" he mentioned captain Salazar . No offense I could've gone to the tanning bed. But I really couldn't because it's causing skin cancer.

    Well I actually eating healthy. And I go out of the sun, and you couldn't tell the difference. Well in the back in 2012, I tried to stay the sun for a long time one year. But whoever I actually pass the sun strike. And I was becoming white as a ghost. Well just because my skin that I was born with is pearl white.

    I couldn't get a spray tan because it makes me orange. And yes in the time of my life, trying to hide and actually failed I figured this out.