• My life hasn't been easy. I lived with my birth parents until I was six, at which time my three younger brothers and I were removed from our parents' custody and placed in foster care. The two older boys were adopted together, while my youngest brother is an only child with his adopted family. I was bounced from foster home to foster home three different times, and was finally placed with a couple who are now my adopted parents. I was one week from turning eight when I came to live with them.

    All throughout my younger years, I wasn't what some would call an "angel child." I was picked on and made fun of all throughout my years in school. In my opinion, it's a miracle I survived to graduation. I have very few friends, and the ones I do have, I've spent a lifetime making. It took me until I was in high school before I finally learned that if I ignored those who were making fun of me, they would leave me alone, because they knew they couldn't get a reaction out of me (although I had been given that advice several times throughout the years).