• My thoughts on much. I am able to admit. One is young, and a world knows not its way as I to define not my way. It brings to question life with its reality. Then they tell me as well as I many lessons undefined. I see to it, that though the world argues, one is true to self and dignity, regardless of nature. There is no blame or grudge, but a true expression under the world which broken itself of balance and phonetic. These are lessons I learned or preserve. I am twenty three and I type this with uncertainty to its range of understanding and effect.

    Read these words. I am young, yet I have so much to state. It is my thoughts. Nothing is personal to me but these and life itself to a deeper thought unaware. In much I declare a man's freedom is his weal if so able to admit the actuality to that which one could express. A world remains of shadow corrupt but truth brings forth a light to discern. A man who knew good and wicked can indeed also some find their own light. The law offers punishment or cost where there is blessing under merciful grace and not the common.

    The insight of one who isolates oneself from people, yet there is natural care in the person to that which only more than his weal grants him. A chance to own up to much as he tries to develop a solution to ask why he thinks the way he does. The man's accuracy of this is based upon truth for what is stated if so it proves itself and along with scripture to the words people regret because of accuracy. I do not use the book as an attack but to heal my own heart. And others opinions help me grow if so good for both but within reason. A world that believes on conspiracy theories to that of wants to foretell or shadows. what of them a man's answer?

    The Lord is tired of my lack of effort to my praise vain, and that of sacrifice. Who then is greater as a pupil to that of what is a master. One is a slave to a servant or vice. But knowing both there is greatness of freedom to actuality of living. I would have to live the life of others to understand, but observe not the ways to act the man who persecuted the goodness of life and its behaviors. They ask who are you to preach to us? If I preached to you, I apologize to you for assertion but not the darkness for which you lie about truths. A book as the case of Socrates, a man tells that of the world's ideology to that which hides itself among the occult or hidden. A man shows this at his youth to that of what then is validated as adult? The child asks his teachers to historian or maker; what have you shown us not so, for we needed it to learn life or be aware of many ways. First focus on statue and stability of preservation.

    I was typing this without thinking. Realizing not until after I read some parts of it.
    What I said is indeed found nowhere else. The thoughts are above my head, to my weal. I see goodness in me to those who take emotion and twist purposely. Regardless, I being a man hold that heart of greater unknown in cross-generational-gaps to where the elder makes a mistake as so the younger. A solution to much or more mystery, there represents a defense or rather accountability for much. It so indicates both though a world would question who are you to question a dignity of the self.

    I rest, and assure, a man speaks his words to has control of his thoughts. Greater are the thoughts than that of rich material treasure to that I hold no accountability for the reactions but self weal to define. Many observations one makes while isolating himself from a world's mindset and people. Yet he realizes they also are people of one accord to that greater many blinded not so a distance of which those dealt with the practicalities, theories, and methodologies with chain-links. Life and knowledge though imperfect as one, are unique in perfection together. But by no means is each or such to be defined as perfect but that which followed all accurately to approval or source which made knowing of within.

    A LORD or more challenged at his to her words or the weal of the predecessors? Do the successors excel greatly or what then calls a man to the truth for which so others define if the world fails at each as so the self to not be able to be expressive? Do so the teacher declare the student or the student be a master of his teacher? Though no greater is the student as being taught unless they express not the lessons of clarity for which the teacher should have to also the parent done.

    Perhaps I a man also do not understand, yet I held a secret so close. Though the world takes, what has it not taken? It determines of each, the thought which defines source close to the value of mankind's existence. I do read the book but I being a man know there are many truths that lead to one.

    As this is 21st and not the 7th century. There were so many chances where lineages go by and many hide their deeds to those which inherit that show great gratitude and are expressive as real. From one who loves to search, he observes rather to explain than to avoid. A man of much technological advancement grew up in as a generation to each changed. A great message is below and this explains a point to clarify if not more.

    I look within your music with our way and growth, and cannot finish his truth; for be it indulgence to life's amuse or torture to elder wisdom to discern or cast forth a doing to validate among men.

    But I follow as we each hear words to voice; and within me conviction as that which above all enters in mind like a thief through the night; to listen and follow praise to find that which was lost - that honor, if so it be righteous be; and guiltless not one to as I or any you stand.

    Admit it all a man to that who was just? Not so even to give rest.

    To that which is holier to clarify the heart yet who teach life above knowledge when that is manifested to you? What inherit but with diligence pass on memory?

    You oh Babylon to babel of shadow resort to conquer and decode yet of its light of past speak truth to vanity fore-grow. Not is of worthy excuse.

    Lest validity a LORD claim it in-just, relevance to denied historical accuracy manifested prove. No lie of dignity forgiven but told among He who is I am. He hate iniquity for which many sought.

    Enlighten me oh world that is ancient yet humble yourselves as child but grow so among mankind manner - No deity acted falsely, to no idol a man; to no God knowing knowledge above your God who is my God if so there be one true.

    He curse the wise and with my generation through the many who see acceleration; and so live old with young and loved to give grace to the humble and meek for ignorance acted not but for of a Godhead's glory sake.

    Hypocrite to the self and I to know the knowledge of one, to weal to more yet construe it of all to unrighteous gain. You worship a darkness yet each know his to her way as I be a man blind but sees. The darkness comprehended witness yet clarify and understood it not.

    For two-thousand years to more you cast the blame on what is right though worlds had lasted longer, and tried to vanish light.

    I rest upon this hope that which through many a Godhead given us each sight and no rebel to system's delight grant treasure to me more above.

    Rest not this hope in the laws of old to concave methods and curse but explainable reason and truth of sane. The generations knew their root to that which life increase in gain. To listen worthy strong to relation as much as that which known true to kind; run not so clear within the blood but of type to purity or by choice to heredity or environment; equaling such, an inherited heart.

    There is the lost to the sinner and the believer who is lost; to some blind or indecisive. But also so both can be found if so recovered ancient to weak and strong a piece. Wickedness only controls whosoever be submissive to it or accepted as choice. As is the light so if man redefine in them purpose. Circumstance - there is no middle grounds without uncertainty. As that of a coin heads or tails, so come forth of its edge. To bring this, render what is darkness, to that which is a Godhead's or light. We are brought to one side or the other.

    Define we a cure for all or a death sentence? A cure for the mind and resurrected heart? To also chaos conspiracy you cause? Fools of immortality and growth of populace to harness much to waste it to little for which in strife many suffer or learn to progress; though natural with spiritual to proper the truth remain as age.