• being confident of being you.
    well i used to have low self esteem before. But now I am confident.
    well here's the story of my for someone is low self esteem.
    back in my nerd days a long long ago I was teenager.
    well before that I used to be my elm day when I was little.
    I was the trouble maker back in my old days in the city.
    I don't actually fit in because I was fat little kid.
    when I was little well I used to be poor eating oatmeal at Sunday's.
    so I was interest things that throws other kids off. But I don't know why.
    the darkest days that huge pack of girls chasing after me.
    and they chanting I want to suck your blood, as I ran as fast I could.
    so they tied my shoe laces together. I told the vice princpal and brave enough.

    so I went to another school.
    and my two years have being the blast.
    so becoming popular within two years there.
    then comes the high school year.
    well I have being bullied there as being a nerd.
    so I change my style throughout the years.
    until I went gothic for some strange reason.
    so I used to paint my nails black all the time.
    one inch of thick eyeliner was totally diss.
    so I didn't realized how different I actually was.
    then I slowly turning back to normal with jewel tones.
    so I have died my hair blue black for six times.

    and I figured that I was turely glad that the goth phase is over.
    so I find out to my own image of becoming a hippie.
    so I do some researching the steampunk culture.
    so I being known for becoming a hippie.
    so I told my mother about steampunk shows.
    my mother doesn't like the gears.
    so I founded my true identity.
    so I found it and came with all by myself.
    I come with the jewel tone hippie within my own self.
    people thinks I am the vampire that bites people.
    but really I am not going to bite people just playing with them.
    but I am positive engery giver that takes away negative engery.

    for people who doesn't know about me that I am is what I am.
    well I am still a meat eater.
    so I thought don't think that I can't do.
    however I was stronger than I look.
    I was actually surprised that people were different.
    so my friends call me scary vampire.
    so I was tiredly indifferent from most people.
    I was having the huge melt down to that name.
    so the way I do things is tiredly indifferent that adverage person.
    I discovered that the jobs that I get good at.
    so the font is in different colors of the rainbow.
    because of you making me so awesome and welcome