• Welcome to the darkworld of goth
    however I have notice my own key instrested is actually really different from other people. Well sometimes I was a outcast . Well even I just realized that i was completely different from my own friends. Even some of you guys out there. I feel guilty of seeing others getting bullied. Even I figured out the wired things of trying to make a different avatar, and change my own usernames. And playing different themes of each character. And I figured something strange And bring me to life and discovered new things. And I was realized something odd and wired. However I actually figured this out my own way of knowing the things away. And besides my friends thing I look the the potions master from hogwarts. And seemed that is from Harry Potter. And my own creative thinking skills it's just endless. I know that is crazy,

    Well I got my instrest higher level then others. Even I was little. For the knowledge I was carrying in my own skull. While others watch Saturday night life or cartoons. I was completely do some research or playing the piano that is used my time.

    Well I was not supposed to be here at gaia online. However I rebel to my own self exstance. But not I sooned to understand that I don't mention to the title. And besides my own instrest seemed to change over the years. In the adult life not so much as I was a teenager.

    I figured that something was very strange about my key instrest. People who doesn't know exactly know how strange it must be. So I found some people here that gotten bullied or trolled in the Internet. So I actually stood up for others.

    So I actually thought that is wired though. So I was actually thought of something that is wired. So I figured that is going to have a long speech. So the point is that is the wired title [/size