• I remember the day i was with you.
    you had put your arms around me like you didnt want to let go.
    I didnt want you to let go just so i can tell your right here with me.
    I know it has been years since i last saw you, but all i wanted was to be with you.
    Please remember the times we spent together cause i know it has been forever.
    whenever i saw you once again i thought i was going to run away but i couldnt thats because my heart was coming for you!
    I wanted to cry but the tears held back.
    I missed you all this time and i never realy knew.
    when we talked once again it seemed like you were hiding something from me.
    Its ok you can tell me i wont over react since i trust you.
    I wonna tell you how much i love you but i just cant.
    I dont know how much you feel about me.
    I know you like someone else but im not sure your love for her is true!
    Cant you here me cry for you?
    All i want is to feel your arms around me again.
    I dont want you to forget me.
    I wonna know if you can here my heart racing for you.
    your eyes make me feel safe with you.
    when i think of you and then look to my empty room i feel alone.
    why cant you just tell me how you feel?
    even if you dont love me thats ok as long as i dont have to lose you! heart