• Lonely lost souls clitter-clatter across rain-washed window pains.
    Silent voices echo ,disturbing the present minda nd reawakening the forgotten.
    Irrelevency bounces off polka dotted wallpaper plastered to stone tials,
    Just sleep and free your mind
    Let you beijng speak to your
    Mentality, and soar through
    thenight sky.
    For the stars shine not even half
    as bright as the eyes within your


    Little light laughs dance across
    broken window pane and shattered
    memories. Broken lives and
    mutilated dreams liter my mind's
    eye. And torn promises tie me
    down, with chains made of
    grasping fingers outstretched to hold
    me back. I care not of the affairs
    of others, for I am my own person.
    But no matter how many times I
    ask my self, "where are you going?"
    I will always be held back by the
    taunting and tempting idea of happiness
    of others,and why?
    Because...I love.