• I never thought about it.
    Never wanted it this way.
    And if I had a re-do
    I'd throw it all away.

    'Cuz what purpose is there
    To want it all back?
    When you were nothing from the start
    And it was your brain I hacked?

    You said you'd never hurt me.
    Liar, lies with lies.
    I should be on the ground crying
    But no, I'm here praying to the skies -

    That someday God won't kill you.
    I hope he lets you see
    This torture of myself and others
    And forever let it be.

    I want you to feel this story.
    Not speak a single word
    And while demons come by,
    They pluck you like birds.

    And you're still breathing.
    Still going and striving...
    All alas your heartache.
    Oh, I don't wish you to be dying.

    I never said I loved him.
    I swore with all my heart.
    But hell, you wanted me to
    So you'd have an excuse to start

    Hurting me and blaming.
    But wicked liar, you are.
    For all these swelling tears
    Screaming the burst of stars...

    That once were in my eyes
    (As I thought truth could exist)
    But as you tore away my love,
    This knife began cutting my wrist.

    Of all the things you did.
    Of all the things you said...
    I know and I'm glad they were lies
    'Cuz I'm thankful that I'm dead.