• This world
    this life
    created with full intentions of strife
    we as man
    are sick
    we as man
    destroy all we touch
    we as man
    create even more man to destroy life (just look at china for god sake -_-#)
    we say we love ,
    even though we hate
    we say "protect the earth"
    even though its man himself who destroys her (or him who knows)
    we as man
    can say and do as many things as possible
    but in the end, the possible often becomes the imppossible
    i cant stand to see the sick the poor and the starving
    and yet,
    i spend cash on meager things
    i waste my perfect health with alchohal
    and i waste, i waste more then any living being on this planet
    i as man am a sick disgusting peice of s**t
    but hey wat the ******** am i supposed to do about it rofl