• I am an introvert. I am quiet, smart, lonely and shy. If you can break my barrier you no longer are a stranger to me; You become a friend, a partner and a companion. My socialization is limited to my lack of being easily opened. I am restrained in myself, never to let anyone whom I don't trust through. If you are granted the key, that means you are one of few who can crush me or love me. Without you I am nothing but a fool, a lost child, a lonely soldier on the brink of war; However, I know you wouldn't ever let my heart beat slow, to a stop, you would never let it quicken and shut down. No. You are there to help me, to keep my beat in tempo, alongside your own. Friendship; It is the most valuable aspect of life. Friendship can heal all heal all your aches. I am glad you are my friend, and I, yours. Together we can make peace and diminish all rivalry. We, are a family, a family that will grow and never shrink; Like an invasion of hope and happiness. One will laugh and the others will smile, one will cry and the others will pity. Let us live on in serenity. Together, as friends.
    Written: Monday, August 24th, 11:52
    By: The Great Guardian Angel