• Change the World

    The earth trembles underground
    The air pierces living souls
    Silent screams of muted sound
    Awaken legends still untold

    The putrid lake is black with lust
    Opaque it stands alone at dusk
    Neglect and betrayal stains the past
    The life it leads will be its last

    Towering tamaracks wistfully blow
    The wind no longer cleanses souls
    Its silhouette of death is shown
    Like empty lifeless listless drones

    But a shard of hope illuminates
    This night of broken dreams
    The future lies on ahead
    The present is but feathered seams

    A single beam of light is cast
    A child’s hand holds tight a grasp
    He holds the will and effort to deem
    The earth a place of heavenly peace

    The trees begin to coarse with life
    The lake becomes reflected sky
    The earth –relieved from all the strife
    Breaths liberated- soaring high

    A shred of hope was born that day
    With love and hope the earth will change
    The smallest thought; the weakest whim
    Can change a world full of sin