• A day like any other
    School from eight to three
    Homework from three to four
    Check email from four to who knows
    Clicking through the junk I find a message
    My heart aches, beating faster as I open it.
    “I’m sorry,” it says “I’ve been horrible”.
    “I’m sorry;” it says “I don’t think before I act”.
    “I’m sorry,” it says “I’ve been an a** and a b***h”.
    “I’m sorry,” it says “you deserve better”.
    “I’m sorry,” it says “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.
    I read it through twice.
    Think and rethinking, trying to understand
    Trying to read the sincerity
    Memories flood back.
    I’ve seen this before
    I knew what was coming
    I waited for the right words to come
    To figure out how to say my part,
    Trying to push back the pain.
    “I don’t know,” I replied “if I can accept this”.
    “I don’t think,” I replied “I’m sorry is enough”.
    “I can’t speak,” I replied “for others, only for myself”.
    “I don’t know,” I replied “if I can accept this”.
    I send it off, my hands numb.
    One click and its whisked away
    Another click and a response returns
    “I understand” it says “replying is enough”
    “You don’t understand” I type “You don’t know my story”
    “You don’t understand” I type “You don’t know what I’ve been through”
    “You don’t understand” I type “how badly this hurts”
    “You don’t understand” I type “what’s at stake”
    “You don’t understand” I type “you don’t, you don’t”
    Tears sting my eyes
    My message is sent another received.
    “Fine” it said “I don’t understand.”
    “Fine” it said “I never understand”
    Tears fall as I log off
    That was it.
    No sincerity, no remorse.
    For that person, I was nothing
    Just a bug, tissue, bad grad
    A virus easily deleted;
    I served my purpose.
    Now I was being discarded.
    To me, that person was more.
    They were a friend, an ally
    A person I trusted
    A person I would die to defend.
    A person that just destroyed me
    Tears fall as I realize what happened.
    My day comes to an end.
    Bedtime at nine o’ clock
    Cry until my tears run dry from five to who knows