• They say everything will get better,
    That everything happens for a reason,
    That you must work hard to relax,
    Like the saying,
    No pain no gain.....

    But for someone so young, why did you have to go through it?
    Why dont people understand?
    Why do things have to be so hard?
    And hurt so much?

    Everyone knows hard times,
    Weather it was parents leaving,
    The pressures of school,
    Someone you know dying and gone forever,

    Everything that makes you happy will make you cry,
    Everytime you relax anxiety arises,
    Everytime you sleep nightmares torment your consciousness,
    And Everytime you eat you feel sick.

    But things always get better,
    Maybe you'll laugh with your friends again,
    Maybe you'll be able to stand up to that teacher that hates you and get detention for it,
    Maybe We will all be able to have fun once again,
    All I have to say is,

    Get through the tough times, happy times always fallow.