• The sun was shining,
    it felt so wrong,
    the birds were about,
    singing their song.
    Another wave of depression,
    clung to my hollow shell,
    as I started to cry,
    to my knees I fell.
    My heart thumped a song,
    much different from the bird's,
    GONE screamed my heart,
    and I cried at the harshness of the words.
    Green was the faux grass,
    of the funeral home I knew all too well,
    the puddle of tears seemed to laugh at my cries,
    as my heart dropped onto the turf ... isn't it swell?
    Now I am being mocked?
    What did I do to deserve this new kind of hell?
    Where evil dwells,
    but life appears so well.
    And so the facade of life was discovered,
    and a facade of a little, once naieve, girl was born.
    Now no longer is she blinded and happy,
    but now she is cold and alone.
    She reaches to no one, for they do not understand.
    But I understand.
    Thus this girl was me 8 years ago.
    My facade has strengthened over those years,
    becoming more than an act, but a shield as well.
    And still today, there are few who understand,
    but I am still pretty much alone,
    in the harsh terrifying world that surrounds us all.