• Hello, come have a seat. I am Liccora and this is my dragon friend Da'mass. We would like to tell you a story of how we meet and the adventures that we had. Back in a time when most of the people did their best to keep away from the dragons and dragons where wild and without bound partners.
    My story starts on a dark cold night, mist filled the air, and it seemed likely to be raining by morning. Mondra, Terrod, Streff, Saitta, Ventora, and I where just leaving my parents place when we all notice strange lights were coming from the volcano. It appeared that the forest and near by fields where alight with a strange bluish-green light. We decided to go find out were the strange light was coming from. As we started out of the village, we meet up with Ganash and about twenty other villagers that had all decided to go out and see what was causing the strange light.
    We all walked along the path leading by the forest, out across the fields and up to the platform looking out over the largest of the lava flows. As we came closer and closer to the platform it seemed like a place that the elders had told stories about at night around the fire, with the strange bluish green light glowing from the lava flows and the distant volcano. As we approached the volcano, a deep rumbling sound started and soon filled the air, as I wondered what was making the sound. All the dragons started cooing and took to the skies. I helped put up a large blue canvas up to cover the platform to keep dry. We sat there watching the lava flow as the colors swirled and changed. The lava flows where a yellowish orange color and giving off a greenish blue light that seemed to swirl over the top of the flow. Elder Tafferan decided to tell us about watching a raising of young wild dragons back when she was a young girl from the safety of the fields closes to the village, before the path to the platform had been established. She remembered watching young wild dragons climb out of lava and the older dragons herding wild game out the forest and down to the lava flows for the emerging young dragons.
    Suddenly there came a deep roaring from the sky, a thundering sound out of the forest, and from the far side of the fields. Then the dust rouses up, and herds of wild deer and game came racing out of the woods and onto the fields. In the sky dragons circled over the fields and lava flow, every now and then one of the dragons would suddenly sweep down and fly close to the ground around the stampeding herd keeping the herds in the fields closest to the lava flow. Then all of a sudden, the canvas over our heads was ripped off by one of the dragons. All the dragons where cooing, as we watched, strange beasts slowly emerge from the lava flow, climbing up on to the platform. I do not know why but I extended my hand out to one of the beasts only to be nipped as the beast made its way over to where a dragon had dropped a deer killed. That is when I discovered that the beasts really where young dragons and I was unnaturally hungry for that time of night. The young dragons fed on the wild game they looked like they were cooling down from the lava.
    I could not stand to stay on the platform any longer, I had to go home and get some sleep. So that in the morning I could help repair the fences and try to recover what was left of the plants in the fields. As I headed down the path one of the wild dragons blocked my path. The wild dragon would not let me go anywhere accept to where the young dragon that nipped me was.
    As I approached the young dragon, she looked up from her meal, tilted her head, sniffed the breeze, and asked me in my head if I would like to share her meal with her. I was so surprise that I did not know what to say, only to have a dead deer pushed into the back of my legs by a wild dragon, which caused me to fall. The young dragon turned spread her wings and hissed at the wild dragon, as she hissed, I heard in my head her say "Liccora is mine" and she started towards us meaning to separate us and to defend me, as if she could against an adult dragon. The wild dragon backed off to let us be alone much to my surprise. The young dragon knocked me over again trying to make sure I was all right and not hurt. As we checked each other out, she told me that her name was Da'mass and that she was full, cold, and sleepy to which I had to agree to.
    As I looked around I saw that villagers with dragons were starting back to the village while the rest of the village had came out to take care of the wild game that the dragons had killed as the young dragons emerged. Elder Tafferan had walked up behind me, and asked if we where all right, and if we needed any help. Since she had watched what had happened with the wild dragon and us. I gratefully accepted her offer for help, considering that Da'mass was trying to walk the way the wild dragons did. Da'mass was not having much luck with her hatching sack still swollen on her neck and her front paws kept caching on the folds causing her to trip.
    Then Tafferan led us to her place while Ganash and I helped Da'mass wobble down the path. Tafferan had already sent several young men ahead of us to prepare a stall and to take the deer that the dragons had passed to Da'mass and me to her smoke house. When we got to Tafferan's place, the barn doors were open and a stall at the front of the barn had been prepared with straw, hay, and shavings. Two wooden troughs had been brought in for food and water and placed to one side. Da'mass refused to quite down without me being in the stall with her. Therefore, Tafferan handed me a bedroll she kept in the barn for travelers, and I lied down in the stall, only to have Da'mass curl up tight against me.
    The next morning Tafferan had already fed her animals and had tried to feed Da'mass. When they ended up waking me up, with Da'mass was hissing and shaking her wings not letting Tafferan in the stall. Da'mass complained at me about someone trying to enter her space that she did not know. Tafferan started to put meat into the stall only to have it shoved back at her by Da'mass. As I got up Da'mass was so intent on keeping everything out that she had forgotten that I was in the stall with her. I startled her to the point of swinging around and knocking me to the floor with her tail. That is when Da'mass started whimpering thinking that she had hurt me. She then blocked the whole door with her body until I had managed to calm her down enough that Tafferan could push past her with food for her and me. I then managed to convince Da'mass that Tafferan was a friend meaning no harm to us and she wanted only to bring us food. We ate, and I noticed that Da'mass was in need of a good scrub down, so I took her down to the river.
    When we got to the river the other young dragons and their bounds where just arriving to bath also. Once on the shore, I noticed that Mondra was taking care of a blue green dragon that she had just been washing. Da'mass noticed that I was looking at Mondra and her dragon. Da'mass said that Mondra's dragon was named was Ta'shera. That is when Mondera noticed us and called us over to where she and Ta'shera were just drying off. As we approached, Ta'shera dove into the river and splashed every one on the shore much to Mondra's disgust. All the young dragons thought that looked like fun and the next thing we all knew twenty high-spirited young dragons launched into a game of tag. This lasted until noon when all the young dragons started complaining about being hungry and tired as they scrambled a shore and back to their bound partners. Everyone turned to go back to the village. The men that had gone fishing down river early that morning meet us very upset because of the dragons playing. The fish down river could not be caught.
    Therefore, after the dragons where feed and bedded down we had to work in the fields that the wild dragons had destroyed by repairing the fences. We then recovered what plants where undamaged and replanting the all the damaged fields. As we worked through the afternoon, we all came to the same basic idea that only about five or less dragons should be allowed down by the river at a time so that we would be less likely to scare all of the fish away. That evening after we checked on the still sleeping dragons, we had to help the men that had gone up river bring their catch on to the shore. We had to fill all the fish smoke houses because the catch was so huge. All of the nets had to be drug back in the water because they were too heavy to lift in to the boats. After we unloaded the boats and took care of the fish, we sped out through the village to spend a little time with our families and sleeping dragons.
    As I approached my parents place, my father came out to meet me. My father seemed to be unsure how to greet me so I reached out and gave him a hug that allowed him to relax a little. We then went in to the house where my mother was mending clothing by the fire. As we entered the house, my mother dropped her mending, jumped up, and rushed over to give me a big hug. She then made me go change my clothing and eat a second dinner. As I ate, my parents asked me about Da'mass, the other dragons, and their bounds. As I got ready to leave, my mother handed me a bag of clothing, a bedroll and a small bag that she would not let me open to look inside.
    I left my parents place and walked to Tafferan's barn where I checked on Da'mass to find her still asleep in her stall. I decided to go talk to Tafferan so I started towards her place. I found her sitting outside watching the stars. We started talking about the dragons and the fact that wild ones seem to be of basic elements, which they liked to live in places, that where close to their element as possible. Tafferan told me that she had managed to persuade my parents to let me stay in her barn with Da'mass since my parents did not have a barn, and to help Tafferan around her place. I then asked Tafferan if she had any idea of what to feed the dragons as they grow in size, and she had to admit that she had no idea. As we talked, we had moved back to the barn and watched Da'mass as she slept. That is when Tafferan commented about Da'mass's fur color white color with light blue high lights. Her the wings have start to show signs of crystal feathers which seemed to suggest a red color to the leading edges of her wings that blended into a sea green with purple streaks. Her face was blue with a white blaze that ran from her nose to the back of her head.
    Tafferan then noticed that there was no hay left in Da'mass's stall and then asked if I had cleaned the stall and forgot to put hay in the stall. I had to admit that I had forgotten to even clean the stall that morning and had not noticed that the hay had disappeared. Tafferan then showed me where she keep all of the grooming tools and tools to clean the stalls out with, Tafferan then showed me where to dump the stall muck out at, where the shavings, straw, and hey are kept. She said that tomorrow she would show me how to clean, bed down the stalls, and show me how to feed the animals that she had. Tafferan then said good night and left the barn leaving me alone in the barn. I then got ready for bed laying down my bed roll in Da'mass's stall while wondering what our future will hold considering that other villages are known for staying clear of the dragons. We where one of the few villages that had tried to work with the wild dragons without any luck up until now.
    The next morning Tafferan woke me up and showed me how to feed and water the animals there at her place. We then cleaned the barn, apart from Da'mass's stall since she was still sleep-ing, and refilled the water containers all before noon. We than ate lunch in front of Tafferan's house, and I started to open the small bag my mom gave me. When Da'mass woke up and started calling for me, both in my head, and out-loud causing Tafferan's animals to all be upset, causing Tafferan and me to go running to the barn. Da'mass started to quiet down once she heard my voice, which helped settle some of the animals. As Tafferan and I entered the barn Da'mass leaned hard against her stall door begging for me to come over to her, which excited several of her barn mates even more until Tafferan brought them food. I was stroking Da'mass, which helped calm her down both physically and mentally. Once Da'mass knew I would be back, I went to get her something to eat. The first thing I to her was some hay hoping that that would hold her until I could get back with some meat, when I got back to the barn with a wheel barrel full of meat. You could hear the other dragons as they woke up, crying for their bounds and for food. Da'mass had eaten her fill of meat and hay. Tafferan had me take her outside to one of the empty pens where Da'mass happily relived herself. I than went back in the barn, cleaned, and prepared the stall for Da'mass and me. Tafferan watched as I worked making sure that I did the stall right and did not have any trouble. We then went to see how Da'mass was doing only to find her slowly walking back to the barn looking at all the animals that where in the pens.
    All of a sudden a pack of six puppies came running a round the corner of the barn, barking and playing right up until they saw Da'mass, which caused them to stopped playing. The puppies slow-ly and cautiously started to approach Da'mass while trying not to be noticed. They kept trying to hide behind each other, with out caching Da'mass's attention. Then Da'mass looked at the pup-pies most of the puppies run off. The one puppy that stayed sat down, let out a soft yip, and then ran straight to Da'mass. The puppy started checking out the ground around Da'mass's feet, watching caused us to laugh. Since Da'mass tried to keep the pup in sight as it wandered around her feet causing her to trip and fall down. After a while, the puppy lost interest and wondered off to chase the other puppies. I then lead Da'mass into the barn and over to where Tafferan kept the brushes. Tafferan then showed me how to groom Da'mass's fur down while we taught Da'mass to hold still.
    Over the next few months, Da'mass and most of the other dragons had developed a liking for hay, grain, and other plants. The young dragons had out grown their stalls so had to move to a larger building. On the far side of the village was an old mill with several stump fields that had been fenced in for some reason. I think there might that been and several old orchards here be-fore the mill had been built. As we looked around, we found large shed that had enough room for all the young dragons to spread their wing and their bounds to each have enough living space that needed a little work. We also found the mill housing for the crew that had a kitchen, however the whole thing was in bad need of repair.
    That is when Streff offered to help us fix the shed up to where it would work for our needs until the dragons had out grown it. In exchange, we would help him build a home for one of the dragons and their bound. That would allow someone and their dragon stay to help teach the new bound pairs how take care of each other and their community. Over the next several months, we all worked hard learning more about each dragon's traits, while rebuilding the shed into a raising hall, and building a dragon lodge from the old mill housing.
    Da'mass and the other dragons where all learning how to fly from a wild female dragon we called the wild dragon La'tora. La'tora is a deep green color with light green highlights, with a brown belly that blends into a modeled gray colored throat, and her wings are deep green with blue highlights. La'tora that had taken up living in the forest just out side the fields. La'tora taught our young dragons about flying, while they taught La'tora about trusting them and their bounds. Our dragons learned to fly alone, so we had to make harnesses that we could use to stay on them in flight. Then we had to learn how to work with our dragons, so that they could fly with us on their backs and have us, stay on.
    La'tora then taught us about hunting, she would only let two young dragons and their bounds go at a time. Da'mass and Ta'shera were the first two La'tora called to go hunting. It seamed like we flew forever before Da'mass suddenly saw a heard of deer in a field, Da'mass started circling with Ta'shera. La'tora then pulled back her wings and dropped straight down on to a deer, the deer started to stampede. Ta'shera dropped down onto a deer as well, and then Da'mass dropped on to a deer as the heard scattered off into the forest. Upon landing the three dragons all started to eat their deer, until I managed to stop Da'mass, long enough for me to dismount her. Da'mass started to go back to eating when she looked at me and asked if I would like some, I smiled and told her to finish that deer. Once the dragons had eaten their kill, La'tora had us take wing again and we circled the woods looking for more deer. This time Ta'shera spotted a heard of deer and just dove straight into the heard managing to bring down two deer. Ta'shera receive a good chewing out from La'tora for not working with the rest of her group and scattering all the deer out of the field, and because Ta'shera was so eager she had to carry both the deer and Mondra, back to the raising hall. La'tora helped Da'mass take down three more deer and carry them back. We then went back to the raising hall, dropped off the deer for the others to take care of. That gave us some thing to share with the village that had been supplying us with food since our dragons emerged.
    I then managed to get Da'mass to convince La'tora to come down to the river where we would all wash up. Once we where at the river elder Tafferan walked up and La'tora tipped her head and asked Da'mass if Tafferan meant to harm them. To show La'tora it was safe, Da'mass went to Tafferan and laid her head down on its side with her throat to Tafferan. Tafferan then started scratching Da'mass under the chin. La'tora looked at them, and then slowly brought her head down to where Tafferan could reach her, much to our surprise. Tafferan than slowly reached out and scratched La'tora gently on the nose. Tafferan asked if this was La'tora, which she had heard so much about. I had to admit that La'tora was the wild dragon that had been helping us learn how to work with our dragons in and groups. Tafferan then helped us scrub all three dragons down. La'tora watched Tafferan helping Mondera and me wash and scrub down Da'mass and Ta'shera to their combined delight and gaining La'tora's trust. La'tora then let Tafferan help Mondera and I wash her off as well.
    As we all learned about our dragons and La'tora, all liked to eat and where they seamed to pre-fer to stay during the day. We found that there seemed to be five basic types of wild dragons and that our bounded dragons did not match all of the same traits. Da'mass helped me to write the paper, by allowing me to get close enough to observe the wild dragons on their daily routines. As I watched the different types of dragons, I noticed that there are fire dragons, earth dragons, and wind dragons, and two types of water dragons, salt-water dragons, and fresh water dragons. I no-ticed that La'tora seemed to be an earth dragon but she liked to stay close to our dragons. As I learned more about the different types of wild dragons, I wrote a paper called "Wild Dragon types; an element reference".
    Tafferan told me that unless she was down by the river when all the bonded dragons where gone that La'tora would stay hidden from the villagers.

    "Wild Dragon types; an element reference" by Liccora,
    • Fire based dragons can breath fire.
    1. They prefer to live by volcanoes.
    2. They are partial to eating rocks and dried plants found by the lava flows and volcano open-ings.
    3. The animals that they eat include mountain goats and other large mountain ranging ani-mals.
    4. They can fly for short distances, and move through lava.
    5. They have iridescent scales that are heat resistant.
    6. They have a predisposition to get upset fast and can be hard to get to help.
    7. Their color range is includes yellows, reds, white, oranges, blacks, and browns.

    • Earth based dragons can be partial to move the earth around.
    1. They prefer to live in the forest.
    2. They are partial to eating a verity of plants, which includes trees, grasses, and shrubs.
    3. The animals that they eat include most of the larger forest animals.
    4. They have the ability to move through the ground.
    5. They have flat colored fur and skin to conceal them in the forest.
    6. They have a tendency to be very privet and aloft.
    7. Their color range includes browns, blacks, greens, yellows, and whites.

    • Wind based dragons can breath icy cold air.
    1. They prefer to live on the plains and mountaintops.
    2. They are partial to munching grass and shrubs.
    3. They eat a variety of large animals including deer, and buffalo.
    4. They can fly for extended periods with out getting tired.
    5. They have crystal feathers and fur that help them hide in the sky.
    6. They have a habit of being aloft and distant, while being dependable.
    7. Their color range is the all of the colors.

    • Water based dragons can be partial to spray water and call on other dragons for support.
    1. They prefer to live on the shore and in the water.
    2. When the dragons live in salt water.
    a. They are partial to eating seaweed and salt grass.
    b. They are partial to eating coral, large fish, and birds; some even like krill and plankton.
    c. They have a tendency to keep in large groups and are very trustworthy and enthusiastic to please.
    3. When the dragons live in fresh water.
    a. They are partial to eating lily pads and shore plants.
    b. They are partial to eat fish, otters, and other small animals, once in awhile they will take down large animals.
    c. They stay in small groups and work extremely well in teams.
    4. Both types can swim without getting tired for long periods.
    5. Both types have metallic colored skin and scales that allow the sun to reflect and obscure what you may see.
    6. Their color range includes whites, blues, greens, and swirls of the other colors.

    Who is who?
    1. Da'mass – wind based dragon bounded with Liccora,
    2. Elder Tafferan – watched a raising of wild dragons as a child and takes care of many ani-mals,
    3. Ganash – the leader of the village,
    4. La'tora – a wild female dragon that is a deep green color with light green highlights, with a brown belly that blends into a modeled gray colored throat, her wings are a deep green with blue highlights.
    5. Liccora – bounded with Da'mass,
    6. Mondra – bounded with Ta'shera,
    7. Saitta,
    8. Streff – the village carpenter,
    9. Ta'shera – blue green dragon bounded with Mondra,
    10. Terrod,
    11. Ventora,

    1. Bound partners – a dragon and a person are bounded when a dragon has just emerged a lava flow for the first time and draws a single drop of blood form a person before they eat,
    2. Dragon lodge – a home for one dragon bound team,
    3. Hatching sack – is on the front of the neck of a young dragon that has just come out of the lava flow,
    4. La'tora – a deep green color
    5. Platform – a level raised rock out cropping that projects out over lava flows,
    6. Raising – a group of twenty or more young dragons,
    7. Raising hall – a building to house young dragons and their bounds,
    8. Wild dragon types – fire, earth, wind, salt water, and fresh water dragons