• (continued)
    Conner strode forward, his eyes focused on me. "You need to come with me now." He said, holding out his hand. Ao stepped in front of me protectivly. "She goes nowhere with the likes of you." Ao growled.
    I backed up, and, as I subconsciously knew I would, I tripped over the stool. Conner rushed forward in blurring speeds and scooped me up. We were out the front door before I had even hit the ground. "ARI!!" Ao-chan yelled after me. I was powerless in Conner's arms, so I screamed. He laughed at me as I attempted to save myself. "It's useless to try. All hope is gone, and no one is comeing for you." He smirked. I struggled, but it just appeared more humorus to Conner. Then, he suddenly stopped. My body jerked in his arms at the decrease of speed. "You b@$t@rd, put me down!!" i yelled. He smiled and droped me. My body thudded on the ground as the air in my lungs was forced out in a huff. "Good work Conner. Alive, just like i asked." A voice boomed out. I looked around. We were in a misty clearing, dark looking trees surrounding us. Suddenly, a man stepped out of the darkness of the trees. Conner kneeled down, bowing his head respectfully. "Elder, the girl is here now. May I receive my payment now?" Conner asked, keeping his head low. The leader thought. "Fine. Your work is done. Here is your reward." He boomed. Then, a girl, human, ambled out of the trees, escorted by two vampires. "Conner!" she screamed, running toward him. He stood and smiled. "Lidia!" Conner yelled. They must have been lovers. I smiled in spite of myself. So, love could prevail, even through being a monster, huh? Then, the leader pulls out a gun, aims it at Lidia, and pulls the trigger. Her lifeless body falls to the ground, blood running from the hole in her head. Somehow, the smile is still upon her lips. Conner stops. He falls to his knees and stares at her bloody body. "Get him out of here." The leader orders to his men. I sit up from my fallen position on the damp ground. The two vamps come forward and take away Conner. He lets them take him; he still continues to stare at Lidia. I deside to say nothing, why draw attention to myself? "Now, down to buisness." the leader says, walking toward me. My eyes open wide and my addrenaline is pumping by now. He kneels infront of me, his eyes meeting mine. "Well well well." he murrmurs. I narrow my eyes at him. "How could you kill her? He was in love with her!" I yelled. I was mad. How could someone do that, even if they were a monster? He smiled and leaned forward. "Some things just deserve to die. You'll learn that soon enough." He reached out to my neck and pulled me forward. "LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!!!!" a voice roared. Suddenly, a foot shot out to my left, kicking the leader square in the jaw. "Come on, you dork!" Ao yelled at me, lifting me up. I smiled. SALVATION!!!! She lifted me onto her back, like a piggyback ride i got when i was 9. Then, she ran. An enraged roar sounded behind us as the leader got up off the ground. "Ao, do you know what your doing?" i asked as the wind whisled in my ears. "Of corse. I got this far, didn't I?" she laughed. It was almost just like old times again. Accept, we would be sitting and laughing, not being chased by an angry vampire, and...well...Ao would be human. Suddenly, she stopped and slung me to the ground. We were under a bridge that crossed a small creek in the middle of the woods. The trafic was silent. She dragged me to the side where we were hidden in shadows. "I think we lost him." she wispered, looking around.

    ~~sheesh, i think I have to make a freakin part 3!!! will this never end?~~