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    "Wait this one too." Kazu said, taking of his shirt an throwing it to me.
    "Ugh! One day you're gonna have to do the laundry."
    "But until that day comes, you get to see me shirtless." he smiles at me and gives me a kiss.

    So its been 5 years since Kazu has turned me into a Vampire. Which is fun. We haven't talked to his parents, or anyone.

    We married 3 years ago and left his apartment 5 months ago. We now live in a very HUGE spacious house. Three stories or basiclly a MANSION! And it is SWEET!

    I go to our room and change into different clothes. I come out into the hallway finding Kazu staring out the window. I look out the window too, nothings there. His eyes seem far away, thinking about something.

    He breaks his daze and looks at me.
    "Ready?" I ask.
    "Oh, yeah." he hands me my katana.

    Have I mentioned I've learned how to handle using a sword. Its a new sport im into. And we practice every other day.

    We head out the house and into the surrounding woods.

    "3 miles." he tells me running away.
    "'Kay." I yell.
    I begin walking the 3 miles. And sing as I walk

    "I climb, I slip, I fall
    Reaching for you hands
    But I lay here all alone sweating all you blood
    If I could find out how
    To make you listen now
    because I'm starving for you here with my undying love.."
    (Breathe by Paramore)

    I reached the the 3 miles. I turn around, take a deep breath. The smell of his blood reaches my nose.

    The grip on my sword tightens and I begin running back.


    I swing my sword just in time to block Kazu's hit. He backs off and tries again. I block and jumped in to the air, landing on a tree branch. He follows.
    I try slashing him but he dodges and vice-versa.

    This continues for a solid 3 hours until both our swords are out of our hands.

    "Nice." he says grabbing both of our swords and begins heading to the house.

    I follow behind him.

    We arrive and I cook up some dinner. We eat and I wash the dishes.

    When I finish I expect to have Kazu behind me, going to give me a kiss.

    But he's staring out the window again. I look there too, nothing

    Did I ever mention that Kazu's been seeming distant lately. I can catch him staring off into space and not paying attention at all. When I ask him he just says its nothing. It make me worried.

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