• Chapter One: One Small Assassination
    I never knew how life could end this way or that that I'd meet people like me and a person ment for me. But right now your confussed, let me tell you were it started.
    I believe in debts being payed and karma but when karma hits you, you die and thats what I do. And thats my name, actually it is Karion, but I am called karma for giveing people what they deserve.
    So the Mayor has been screwing over everyone in town and he want to throw a big celebration around town and he is ging to apologize...not when I'm done. I put an Mp 5 in a small bar on this buliding and the bar is off a balcony im ready with a sniper anothr Mp 5 on my leg and a Ak-74 on my back.
    Alright....boom Karma strikes again htey see me, so I jumped down and with the Ak and did what i could little did they know I was planned to trap them all I ran back up to the balcony and I was cornered. Then I pretened to fall butI just grabbed onto the bar that couldn't see, then grabbed my Mp and jumped taking the other Mp out from the holister on my leg and they didn't stand a chance.
    After weeks passed I went out to get some stuff no one knew who I was as an assassin or as a normal person. But some people wanted to know me...


    "What are you doing"

    "Well your a casher of this food store so I believe I'm buying food."

    "Sorry just wanting be friendly"

    Then I walked off and she had glazed look, they want to know me but I don't.



    "You see that casher, she is crying and she is my sister you need to learn some respect which is what I'll teach you"

    "No it's okay really"

    "No it's no okay sis, now apologize or have your arm snaped in three"

    "Well I think you could have just come and said '" Hey will you apologize this is my sister'" right now I need an apology"

    Then he Lunged for me and i grabbed him by the arm and snapped it like a twig

    "AHHHHHH! You just broke my arm in four"

    "I think I did one better"

    "How do you know its broke in four" his sister said

    "I can fell them all out of place"

    "Ew. Hey...."

    And I was gone. But I kinda felt bad for what I did, so I came to visit him in the Hospital.

    End of Chapter One