• My dearest,
    When I close my eyes your sweet face is the only thing I see. Your penatrating eyes the color of the new grass as it sprouts after the snow has gone, your hair as it billows when the soft wind kisses it, your skin as soft as that of a peach.
    Whomever has done you wrong, I wish the same on them, one thousand times worse. After I have gone, I shall avenge you the way you deserve to be, for my love, you have done no wrong.
    I know you would not wish of me to do what I am going to, but alas, I cannot bear to live another day without hearing your voice. I would travel miles and seas and mountains just to have you by my side again, and it is all I can do to write these words without crying.
    I shall join you after I have carried out the deed that must be done. And my love, we shall be together until the end of time.
    Forever yours,
    Your Husband