• The Jingle of the Bell
    by Chelsea

    The jingle of the bell is either being Christmas bells or the fire bell; in my case it’s a fire bell. People are like water running through the school just trying to get through the building, outside safely.
    Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I'm different I like to watch fire burning. One day my school caught on fire all of my class mates and the whole school was worried about getting outside, and I just wanted to take my time and watch the school burn down. As I was hoping that this would have the cause of not having to go to school, I kind of wanted to thank who ever messed up and was responsible for setting the school on fire.
    I was standing there looking at the fire like it’s not a big deal. My teacher Mrs. Barclay yelling at me saying hurry-hurry you need to move hurry-hurry come on move it. I just look at them wondering why they are so pushy; I mean they yell at you like your going to die if you don’t move.
    As I was watching the fire and my teacher basically dragging me out. This was beginning to be boring to me the fire is not that big; it only goes up to my knees (I’ve seen bigger). Once they finally got me out I sat down and got out my sandwich and started eating. People looking at me like why is she so calm. All I could think is at least I got my sandwich.
    While the firemen put out the fire the teachers counted to see if everyone is here. We’ve gone through this to many fire drills it is not funny, it’s like they knew someone was going to set the school on fire. Everyone during a fire drill is like I'm not afraid of a fire, and when one rely comes now you here them say “oh no I'm scared.” And as I say “oh no I’m going to die FIRE!” The teachers just looked at me and said “at least you ok”. I would be ok if they did not rush me out of there so fast, they could have let me enjoy it a little.
    I walked over to my friends and they said “why didn’t you get out of the building?” Even my friends are boring, am I the only one who finds this exciting, amusing and something I will remember my whole life. It was about 3:20 in the afternoon as they sent us home I was wondering why we had to stay so long. The fire happened before lunch and they never called are parents. I'm surprised there was no news coverage; everything went on like it was like nothing even though they were acting like it was the end of the world everything was normal. I did not know if this was a bad day or if it was a strange way. It would be a strange day because of everything that happened, it would be a bad day because everything was so boring abut today. Today was the most boring day in my life.