In the beginning the Great Cookie created the Earth and Holycookieland.The earth was formless and was an infinite expanse extremely liquid cookie dough.Then the Great Cookie said-"let there be light!"and so light flooded the expanse of runny cookie dough-this was the first day.Next,the Great Cookie compressed the mass of cookie dough together and created an expanse above it named "Sky".This was the second day.On the third day,the Great Cookie made the cookie dough seperate into portions and,in the spare spaces,added enormous choco chips and various ovens-simpson ovens,breville ovens-etc. sprouted from these choco chips.The Great Cookie,on the fourth day-made the major light-"Sun" for the day,and the minor light-"Moon" and "Stars" for the night.On the fifth day,the Great Cookie made winged M n' Ms for the sky,chocolate fish for the cookie dough,and gummi snakes and bears and licorice allsorts and all the different candies for the land.Then on the sixth day-the Great Cookie decided-"let us make man,that shall eat from all the winged M n' Ms in the sky,Chocolate fish from the sea,and various candies in the land."The first "Man" was made from scraps of flour and sugar.The Great Cookie stuffed in "Man' the raspberry filling of life.The Great Cookie saw all he had made-it was all very good! on the seventh day,the Great Cookie rested,and made it a holy day.The Great Cookie made a beatiful land of luxury ovens filled with good,delicious bakery that was good for food.The Great Cookie placed the man whom he name "Adam" to take care of it "you may eat from any oven except one-the oven of double-fudge-super-deluxe-knowledge-of-good-and-evil-chocolate-chip-cookies."said the Great Cookie."If you eat from the (oh no)oven of-double-fudge-super-deluxe-knowledge-of-good-and-evil-chocolate-chip-cookies,you shall surely die (dun dun duuuuuuun)"it is not good for you to be alone so the Great Cookie brought all the candies in the world to adam-none were the right helper for Adam.The Great Cookie made Adam fall into a deep sleep and made "woman"from the rib of Adam.The Great Cookie brought her to Adam."This is a being like me,her bones came from my bones,her body came from mine-I shall call her woman,as she was taken from man."One day a evil slithery,chewy gummi snake came to the woman "Did the Great Cookie tell you not to eat from the bakery from the ovens in Eden?"Asked the gummi snake."The Great Cookie is epic,so he allows us to eat from any oven in Eden except that one"*points to the oven of double-fudge-super-deluxe-knowledge-of-good-and-evil-chocolate-chip-cookies blaugh *"No WAI man *coughs* "woman"I mean-if you eat from those cookies you shall be like the Great Cookie-YOU WILL BE A COOKIE" They did look extremly tasty..Eve took a Cookie,and ate it and gave some to Adam and he ate it too."Did you eat from the *sighs*oven of double-fudge-super-deluxe-knowledge-of-good-and-evil-chocolate-chip-cookies?"The Great Cookie's voice boomed throughout Eden "NOOOOOOO"yelled Adam " IT WUZ THE WOMAN WHO FORCED ME TO DO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT" "the evil gummi snake tricked me"said Eve " you shall be cursed-you will come in licorice flavour as well which everyone hates"said the Great Cookie to the gummi snake.
    And to Adam-"Your work will bring you pain-you shall suffer and burn for eating a holy cookie-and once you die you shall turn back to scraps."Sadly,the Great Cookie sent Adam and eve out of Eden...