• The Nevermore dream

    The dream started like any other...Myself already in a place, where i had been before, but was not sure why i was there. I stood, looking down from a cliff as my friend's and sister's played around in this very somber looking playground. They seemed happy and inviting and i wished to run to them...But as i was about to descend a glimmer caught my eye. I looked off to the side, and found my best friend...You could say, even a brother to me. He sat on a corner, looking rather pale and lonely, watching everyone play. I chuckled and walked to his side, sitting next to him and taking his hand. His expression lit up as he looked at me. i said "Why are you sitting alone? Want to try and be tough again?" He just chuckled and shook his head, a rather sad look in his eye's as he spoke."No, i..i just can't go down there..." I was puzzled and decided to tease him, see if he would follow me."Well, i am going down! So move your butt and come....with....What is wrong?" His eye's flashed and tear's threatened to spill. I wrapped my arm's around him, and held his big frame to me, as i frowned."What is the matter big guy?" He just wrapped his arm's around me, and i felt rather chilly from his touch, yet i mentioned nothing. He spoke just above a whisper."I...Stay with me...For a little while ok?" I did not understand, but i still stayed with him. We stayed together, holding hand's for what seemed an eternity, talking about the past..All our adventures and pact's. I was content in the moment, until there was a shift. His whole body froze, with what seemed sheer fear as he looked around, he quickly stood and helped me up, looking at me worried."I-I have to leave...I promise i'll be back" I grew afraid, not for myself or anything...But because he seemed so, unlike himself. He kissed my cheek and before i could argue, he just ran. I stood there, watching him go with a dazed look, before i shook it off and made my way to the playground.

    As i reached the play ground, everyone crowded me, asking me why i did not come down. "Well, i was talking to Chris Michael...He seemed really weird. Did you guy's bother him again!" Everyone just looked at me with different emotion's. Pity/sadness/Guilt/non-believing. I was tired of their silence and was about to ask what was wrong, when my friend Robert hugged me and said."Karla, he has been dead for a few month's now...That was not him...You must have fallen asleep" Of course i did not wish to believe this, and told him i really did see him. They all looked at me as if i was crazy and needed a straight jacket. So i decided to leave.I'll show you!" I said as i left the play ground."I'll show you! He is alive!" I ran inside this rock formation, that turned into a maze. Hour's passed, and i started to notice this black shadow, looking at me, from the corner's of every turn. It is the same shadow i always dream off, so i decided not to pay it any mind. I kept going and going, until more shadow's appeared and i ran faster now, until i stepped into a room. I then noted, that somewhere along the line's my clothing had changed, and all i wore was a white lace nightgown. I felt rather embarrassed, as i only wore that, and everyone else in the room, had elegant dresses. "A masquerade? Who the hell would have a masquerade in a maze?" Slowly i crept forward, trying to find my friend, not really paying any mind, that the guest had animal head's or leg's or fur as they danced. A man with a donkey head looked at me as if i was food and it made me uneasy. I could no longer find the door and they danced vigorously around me, taunting hating...spewing a language i could not understand {Or did not wish to understand} I quickly started to panic, almost at the brink of tear's, when i felt two hand's on my shoulder. I could have screamed, heaved and puked at the same time...But,those hand's seemed familiar...They touched me with such force and tenderness...I was about to say something, when my mother's voice entered my mind. Rough and every twinkling with mischief, just like when she still lived. Only, this time...A dry tone of worry, cut around the edges as she spoke."What have i told you...About wandering these plane's?" I wanted to turn around and see her, drink in her features that i missed so much...That i needed to comfort me, but she held me in place and spoke a tad faster."I will keep them at bay...When i let you go...You run, and do not look back...Or i promise, that i myself will punish you with the wrath of a thousand horror's" Now, maybe to someone else, you would think your mother was switched by a demon...But, to be honest, her word's reminded me of home...of her comfort and her way to express love and discipline. I nodded, and with one last squeeze on my shoulder, she let me go.

    I then ran out of the room, dodging every strange dancer in the room, i was reaching the door, i was going to make it. I heard a bellow and a roar, and i wanted to look back, but mother had said no...So i closed my eye's and ran faster, into the light outside the now dimming room."Wooosh..." I had made it, the door's closing with a grudging creaking sound. My chest then decided to melt, and i wanted to sob and cry, as i turned to see the door was gone, my mother inside. Slowly, as i walked the corridor's of the maze, i could hear strange noises from each room...Some were erotic, other's....Rather horrifying. I wanted to leave...i wanted to wake up! Yes, it was a dream..I needed to wake up...but how?...I kept wandering, and noted the same shadow followed, only now...It wore a horse bone mask. I shrugged it off...as it always taunted me in different way's."Ugh! I...I need to leave.." With that, i decided to brave the next room in the maze. It was a simple door with a silver knob. Which i too eagerly decided to turn and open the door.

    I stepped inside, and made my way into the lonely room...No one inside, just a few candles, an old chest and a canopy bed, with white, pearl and salmon sheet's. I against my better judgement, decided i should rest within a dream...I climbed up in the bed, and slept there for a while...just for a while...Until a sound woke me up. As i opened my eye's, there was a figure, stepping close to me. He seemed blurry, due to my tired eye's, but once i rubbed them, i made out my friend...My brother...My almost lover. There he was, just watching me sleep."Kugie?" I quickly got out of bed and rushed to his side. He seemed so cold...Yet, something about him changed from before. He did not seem as scared. I held him tight and tried to catch his scent..."Your dead...Your dead...No no no! I don't want you to be dead! Not fair..." He chuckled and held me tight, as he guided me to the bed. We both lay there, just content in each other's arm's as we spoke."Why did you leave me...Why why why?" I seemed to babble incoherently and he just chuckled and kissed my temples."It was not my fault....I was tricked...I was not supposed to leave that way..I did not want to leave...I did not" We just stayed together for a while, our conversation, lively and rather sad at times....

    It went on like that, until, his expression changed again. One of determination."Look, i have to go...Go now ok?..." His word's startled me..confused me even, as i held on tighter. But the b*****d would have none of that. He smiled sadly and kissed me softly. It was an innocent kiss, nothing leery of adult about it. I gazed at him and wanted to sob. I asked why he had to leave and he seemed to fight with himself, yet still told me."Your mother...is out there, so is your father. And that thing...That they are fighting, is coming for me. I need to face it...I just did not earlier, because i wanted to see you one more time...But, now it's time to part" His word's sent me into a fit of angry sob's and he now touched my forehead and stood up, while my limb's slowly drifted to sleep, i glared at him, and he laughed."You really are still a pain, you know...I promise, i shall see you again" And with that, he vanished...A few moment's passed and i still sobbed and fought with my sleep...And all the while, that dark shadow that followed me, stepped inside the room, and stood over me, just watching...gazing waiting. I wanted to tell it to go screw itself...to leave me be. But that sadness and intrigue in it's eye's made me catch my breath. I could somehow tell who it was...So close, the name...It's former self..On the tip of my tongue. It was about to rush into me, when it blinked and smiled it's razor sharp smile and i...simply awoke.