• We sat there on the kitchen floor for what seemed ages, being half naked with one arm around her shoulder, as she slowly recovered from the trembles that had been hidden for quite some time, since I couldn’t remember if she ever told me before, like stated.
    I caressed her head softly, kissing it gently, looking out through the void of my eyes far off somewhere.
    “Felicia, how have you been carrying this load? Is there anyone else with you…well, us...?”
    She moved forward a bit, looking back at me, but down, as if avoiding eye contact.
    “Yes, there are a few who believed me, and a few more who believed me after surviving the blackout, as we call it.”
    “Hey, what’s wrong? I know everything is upside down in the world, but something’s bothering you right now, right?”
    She opened her mouth, hesitating to answer.
    “Oddyr…do you like me?”
    “I was caught off guard with the question, leaving me with a baffled expression I suppose, since she looked at me and her face somewhat became sad.
    “Felicia, you’re a beautiful girl, and I like you…I really do. You’ve taken care of me even with all these ‘moments’ that I forget everything…”
    “So then why are you hesitating?” She replied, with grief choking her voice.
    I sighed…I just couldn’t forget Helen.
    “I’m sorry, I can’t give it to you.”
    “Every time I ask, you answer the same, and some time later you give up…every time” she said, between sobs and tears.
    I felt so heartbroken, I wished I could love her like she deserved, give her all what she wanted; it’s really hard to even fathom how harsh my word might seem to be, even on repeat.
    “I’ll stay with you, even if you like someone else…” and the girl stood up, wary, then trudging out through the doorway.
    I got up, trying to get my emotions straight, looking out the stained windows.
    The feeling I got out of it, the despair, the frustration, but also the love she’d shown me through that glance of her eyes.
    “Here” and I turned around, startled, seeing her with a guitar in her hand. “Every time this happens you tell me you need to play some music. The funny thing is it’s never the same tune…”
    I smiled.
    “Thank you.”
    I took a chair and sat down, tuning the wooden instrument. The feeling came again, the emotions, as they poured out like a savage wind through a burning furnace.
    I stopped…It didn’t feel right.
    “Did I ever record something…?” I asked her, but she didn’t answer. I looked at her and saw her smiling, a beautiful yet sad smile, with a cellphone recording.
    “Yeah, since the second time, I’ve kept a tab on what you play. They’re all very lovely, but it seems like there’s something missing.”
    She approached me, handing me the device. Listening to the recordings I could tell that there was something missing in all of them, like the one I just came up with. However, after playing on repeat for quite a while, something kept nagging me.
    Then an idea struck me.
    “Hey! What if…”
    “What if we merge them all together?” she said, interrupting.
    “How did you know what I was going to say…?”
    Felicia shrugged “You can guess that one out, and when you do, come to my room.” And with that she headed out, going upstairs.
    “That means I’ve thought of this before…”
    I stumbled through her doorway.
    “Felicia! How many…Oh! S-sorry! You were ch-changing!” I stammered, and she laughed.
    “So odd, Oddyr, you’ve seen my whole body, what’s the fuss about?”
    “I…uh…well…I’ve never been with a girl before!”
    “Don’t be dumb, Oddy!” she said with a cute voice “It’s been many times!” and she took my hand pulling me into her room.
    Felicia pushed me onto a chair in front of a computer I’d seen before…Jaden’s computer! I had spent some time with him editing and rearranging music.
    “There should be a file with your name on it, it has the music you’ve recorded before, the arrangements and editions.”
    Effectively, there it was. I scanned through them all, listening to every detail, for hours maybe. I stretched and looked around, seeing her sleeping on her bed.
    After covering her up I continued. All the songs didn’t add up great, but today was an exception. I slid it in between two of the oldest and with one of the newest, and voilá!
    Listening to it felt peaceful, and also ominous; a blend so conflicting like oil and water. Moreover, it was as if it were a baby with a knife. However, the light cannot be light without darkness, and a storm can bring prosperity.
    I put an earbud to Felicias’ ear and saw her cry, but then smile. I was happy to see that my creations still had that effect on people.

    “Oddyr, wake up!”
    “Wait, w-what?” I smeared my forehand on my face as, yawning.
    “You…was it you?”
    It took me a moment to realize it was late into the night; looking out the window and over to a watch.
    “Girl, what are you doing? It’s late, you know…”
    “Oddyr…” her voice became serious “Did you make me listen to something?”
    Half asleep, I didn’t want to answer something foolish.
    “I had this dream, a terrible and sad dream, and then it was so hopeful, and invigorating...!” and her words blurted out like water off a waterfall. From what I can remember, Felicia mentioned there to be something evil lurking in her dream and then suddenly feeling a burst of energy coming from inside, helping her confront this fear and wake up.
    “I feel amazing!”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I want to test it out…”
    “Felicia, what are you talking about?”
    “Your ‘other’ melody…”