• Rankor

    "I always knew that this would happen, but I didn't figure that it would happen so soon,you know?" Ryu said as he sipped down some sake. Ryu had a light build and was very athletic. His hair was a pitch black color and was brushed forward with a bondice gel that extended out but didn't touch his eyes or touch his for head. His shirt was old and dusty, much like his pants, his pants had a few patch works to them with the exceptions of some rips that where still left on them.

    "Yeah I hear you, I remember when my old man kicked me out of his place too." The bartender said as he was tallying up the Ryu's tab. "was that your last drink?"

    "yeah, im done. I've gotta head to my cousin's place. You wouldn't happen to where the Village of Rankor is, would you?" Ryu said as he stood up from the stool and grabbed his jacket from the coat hook next to him.

    "Yeah, go that way and you'll run straight into it, cant miss it." The bartender said as he pointed in the direction of the village.

    "Okay, thank you." Ryu said as he lifted the flap that hung from the sake stand and proceeded to step outside.

    "Hey wait! What about the bill? Aren't you gonna pay?!" The bartender yelled, as he shook the small white piece of parchment that contained the bill on it, at Ryu.

    "Ha! Are you kidding?! With what gold? Im broke!" Ryu said as he continued to walk out. The bartender was furious.

    "Hey! get back here!" The bartender yelled as he ran out from the other side of the bar and ran straight for Ryu. Ryu looked behind him and saw the bartender running for him.

    "Uh-oh!" Ryu yelped as he started to run down towards the direction the bartender had point out to moments earlier.

    "Come back here!" Yelled the bartender, who was struggling to run to catch Ryu.

    Ryu kept running until eventually the bartender started to drift farther and farther away til he couldn't be seen anymore.

    "Whooo! Haha!" Ryu laughed "Man huuhhuh that was cool." Ryu said as he frantically gasped for air. "I guess ill have to rest here for the night." He said as he walked to the edge of the rocky path he was running on. "This spot will have to do." Ryu said as he searched for wood to make a fire.

    Time passed, Ryu had gotten a fire going and was lying down watching the stars as he started to drift of to sleep. His eyes began to get heavy as he lied there motionless watching and picking out the stars he knew and the ones he didn't. Finally, Ryu fell asleep as he stared gaze.

    "BOOM!" Ryu jumped up to his feet fully awake from his dream.

    "What was that!" He said startled while his heart began to beat fast.

    "BOOM!" The loud noise reappeared followed by what sounded like a lightning strike.

    Ryu ran out onto the rock pathed path and become motionless as he stared up at the monstrous crystalline snow spiraling off n the distance that looked like a tornado made of snow and crystals.

    "What the f*** is that?!" as he continued to watch the monstrous white abyss. "Thats not a normal tornado! Its patterns are like none that I have seen in a tornado before." Ryu said.


    "Whoa!" Ryu ducked from instinct. It took him a minute to realize that he was okay and stood back up to check on the odd tornado."It stopped!" Ryu said,"It's no longer spinning. It's like it's stuck in one spot with all of the now and crystals floating in air."

    Ryu continued to watch these mysterious irregular patterns float.The trees started to make a rustling sound as the wind started to pick up and blow harder.

    Ryu tried to keep his balance as the wind continued to pick up. He took a quick glance at the floating snow and crystals before running towards the giant gate that was opened and had a sign that said "Rankor" in big red letters. As Ryu watched the snow and crystals, while he ran, he saw that they began to move and shoot violently at an angle down,almost as if they were aiming for something, and were being deflected back but were going in all directions.

    "What is going on?!" Ryu yelled over the howling of the wind and rustling of the trees as he ran for the village. Ryu continued to run towards the village, while at the same time he had so many thoughts running thru his head. "The gate!" Ryu said as he stopped in front of the village gate, ready to walk in, while his clothes flapped in the gale. "Well if my cousins' here and the loud crashes are coming from here as well, maybe my cousin need help to!" Ryu said, as he got ready to take a step into the village, a light flashed and a bolt of electricity hit Ryu's leg a loud thunder noise sounded off as soon as it hit him. "Aagh! Oh god! what the hell was that!" Ryu yelled in pain while holding his foot and jumping up and down at the same time. "What was that." He repeated

    "That was me." A voice called from the other side of the gate.

    "Who?!" Ryu dropped his foot and stood up straight to see who called.

    "Me, i did that. My name is Striker, why are you here, this is a private village that is not welcomed to the general public."

    "What?!" Ryu said as he saw that striker hands started to flow out with electricity. "Hey! Whoa, its cool man, no need to attack or anything."

    "Leave now or face the consequences!" Striker said as he started to rear up and attack.

    " Leave? No I can't, i need to go in there!" Ryu said with frustration.

    "Then you leave me with no choice." Striker stuck his hands out in front of him, that had electricity coming out of them, and said "Your death will be a quick one!" before launching a beam of electricity at Ryu.

    Ryu stood where he was, in shock.

    "Oh no!" Ryu said "I can't move!" Ryu looked down and saw a shadow on the ground that stretch from Striker and had locked on to Ryu's legs. "The attack is getting closer and i cant move to dodge it!" Ryu thought "Here it comes!" Ryu raised his arms to try to use them as a shield, while the attack came closer and closer. "Aahhh."

    Part 1 Finished.