• One day in august of 2005, my friend and I were searching online for a dog. My parakeet had died the night before so my mom said I could get a small dog. All the small dogs we found that were close by either had health problems, or were much too expensive. I decided to push my luck and look for dogs on a different website, other than petfinder.com. While searching I came across a dog named Lightning several times in a row. The picture of the dog wasn’t very good so I just ignored it. After a few hours of finding nothing I went back to petfinder and searched under medium dogs only to find Lightning once again, I saw the picture and something in my head just clicked. My heart beat grew faster and I knew we were meant to be. I knew it was destiny that had brought us together, a depressed girl, and an abandoned dog. I knew that from this day on I would never be lonely, and that I had found someone who would fill me with much joy and happiness.
    While my sister stayed at home, my friend, and my mom and I went to see Lightning at the pound where he was being held. We arrived in a small parking lot next to a small building. It seemed as though we were out in the middle of nowhere because the surrounding area was mostly trees except for another building that was next to the pound. The room we entered was a small, cold, grey, rectangular room that appeared to be made of cement or stone. To the right of the door we entered through was a desk and next to it was a table scattered with caned dog food. After closing the door behind us, the tall, thin, silver-haired man with the mustache, who we’d talked to over the phone, went through another door way into a room of cages, where the dogs were being held. Oddly enough, I didn’t hear any dogs barking, it seemed that Lightning was the only one left. The medium sized dog came running out of the room and immediately came over to me. His height was just a bit higher then my knee, he had the cutest, fluffiest face I’d ever seen. His fur was an angelic white, as white as freshly fallen snow. The tips of Lightning’s ears were reddish-brown, and he had a cute reddish-pink nose. I sat on the cold, hard floor beside him as he lay down and put his head on my lap. We ended up taking him home for only five dollars.
    I have had Lightning for almost four years now, and I spoil him rotten. I just love his curly tail that resembles a cinnamon bun, and who could resist his gorgeous brown, almond shaped eyes. I love to hug him and stroke his fluffy, softy, silky fur. I take him for walks and play videos games while he sits curled up on my lap. Sometimes I let him sleep in my bed but I can’t get caught because he’s not supposed to be on the furniture. I give him lots of kisses even though I sometimes get dog hair in my mouth. I buy him toys and doggy shirts; he has a t-shirt that says rock star and a hoodie that says punk barker on it. Once for Halloween he was Darth Vader from Star Wars. Our favorite pass time is sitting in front of the television watching The Planet’s Funniest Animals on Animal Planet. I find it kind of funny when Lightning sneezes, I can’t help but laugh because it sounds more like a muffled cough than a sneeze. In the end when it really comes down to it, my dog can the biggest the biggest royal pain in the butt at times, but he’s my royal pain in the butt and I love him all the same no matter how big a pain he is.