• My name is Lucinda Piller. I am 27 years old I am newly married. I just recently got out of college and have a wonderful job at the daycare school across the street. My life was perfect until July 16, 2007. I was doing the laundry when I found a card that said:

    Private Eyes

    You have questions---- we find answers

    Blade Cunningham -------342 Peachtree Street ------404-998-7777

    I went to the living room where my husband Chris was sitting watching a football game.

    “ Honey what is this?” I asked Chris confused.

    “ Oh that? That was the card from the detective I met when that girl was killed two months ago,” Chris said.

    “ That’s funny I think I know him.” I said.

    “ Really? From where?”

    I went to my room and opened it with my electronic key. Once it opened, I went to my mantelpiece and took out my senior year high school yearbook. I looked through the pictures when I found him-- Blade Cunningham! There I looked at his skinny face with brown eyes and reddish hair. He was the one who said that he was going to ruin my life because I told him no about going to the senior prom. I wanted to go with Chris and he finally asked me and I told him yes. I went back to the living room and sat down across from my Chris. I looked at him.With his blue eyes and black hair he looked really handsome.

    “What? Did you find him?” Chris asked.

    “ Yea, he went to high school with us,” I told him looking at the TV.

    “ Really?”

    “ Yea, listen I am going to go to bed. See you later.” I said kissing him on the cheek.

    “Okay.” he said.

    I went to my room and fell asleep. I had many crazy dreams that were scary. The next morning I woke up and knew that Chris was at the fire station. The rest of my day was really a blur. When I got home it was 7:45 pm. I had a huge headache and really bad heart burn because of the soup I ate for lunch. So I went to the Jiffy Shop across the street and got antacid for $2.20 and for my hammering headache I bought some aspirin, which was on sale for just $1.12. Then I remembered we were running low on orange juice so I got it for a pretty fair price of .79 cents. Afterwards I saw Chris across from the newspaper section. He took 50 cents and got one. When I reached him, I saw a deep cut across his face.

    “ Hey, what happened to your face?” I asked.

    “ This? We had a small fire at one house and I tripped and got cut by a sharp edge,” Chris said.

    “ Then come on. I will get you band aids. I think they are just $2.53. Follow me,” I said.

    We went to the band aids and then we went to check out. I looked at the clock and it was 8:02. Wow! Time sure passed fast. The cashier told me the total was $7.64. I handed her the money.

    “ Did you come with your own car?” I asked Chris.

    “ No, I walked. Can I get a ride with you?” he asked.


    We walked to the car. When I got there, I found it open. It was strange I locked it. I got in and looked through to see if anything was missing. I had everything except my credit card. My bank Canada credit card was gone!!!

    “ Something wrong?” Chris asked.

    “ Yea, my credit card is gone..” I abruptly stopped and my phone rang.

    I looked through my purse and found it.

    “ Hello?” I said.

    No sound…. ring ring. It was Chris’s phone. I looked through the chair behind us and found nothing.

    “ Hello?” Chris said.

    He was listening to the other side of the line. He was only nodding. Then he looked at me and motioned me to stop and parked.

    “ The boss needs me. I have to go the station___can you take me there?” he said.

    I only nodded. I knew that he was not coming home tonight again. After I dropped him off at the station, I went home. I tried looking for my credit card and found it on the bottom of my purse. Then I lay down for a while. Afterwards the doorbell rang so I went to get it and it was the mailman. It was an order. He gave me the receipt. It was pretty old but it was good. I read the receipt. It said:

    Family Clothes Center


    Blouse___________ 3.00

    SUBTOTAL 10.50

    Tax .70

    Total $11.20

    I handed him a fifteen and he took it and gave the change. Then I went out and put it in the suit in the closet. Its was 6:45 am when my phone rang. The caller id said unknown. I picked up and answered it.

    “ Hello?” I said.

    “ Lucinda, I am sure you remember who I am and I hope you didn’t forget about what I told you and I am not going back on my words…. Now we can make this easy or hard. All you have to do is dump Chris and then come and be my wife. If you don’t do that before the 24th let’s just say then if I can’t have you no one can.” he finished.

    “ If you hurt Chris, I will report you to the police!!” I screamed with the biggest knot in my head. I felt a shiver go up my spine. If Blade hurt Chris it will be my fault.

    Beep beep beep the line was dead. How can Blade still hold this against me? I am not going to dump Chris. He is my husband and I love him too much. I reached for the phone again and the next phone call was from the bank telling me that there was someone who deposited $500,000!!!!!! WHO DID THIS? I knew at once who it was. Blade!!! It had to be him! I went to sleep. I was going to fix this. Chris was not going to die and I was not going to be blamed for stealing $500,000!! The next day I went to the doctors but I wasn’t really paying attention. All I knew the appointment finished quickly because I left with just one prescription saying that I needed to take AZT 50mg two -three times a day! That is crazy! The rest of the day was scary because Blade kept calling me and leaving me weird messages and kept me worried. July 22 was here. Wow! Chris called and told me he was at Atlanta!!! What was he doing there??!! He told me he already had the tickets! He asked if I could go and pick him up and I said yea. I went to the daycare school and had a good day. Then I went to pick up Chris. I left my car in a parking lot across from the airport and it gave a ticket that told me how long my car could be parked. Once I saw Chris, I was really happy. How could anyone hurt him? He is sweet and innocent.

    “ Hey you,” I said kissing him.

    “ Hey it was a boring there without you,” he said hugging me. He went to a very important meeting.

    “ I ran into my old buddy from college, Casey remember him? He has a girlfriend. So I saw her niece and I got her cheesecake then ice cream. We had two coffees. Here is the receipt.” He finished and gave me the receipt.

    “ Wow how were they? “ I asked.

    “ They are good,” he said.

    As we walked back to the parking lot, he was telling how much he enjoyed the meeting. I showed the guard the ticket and he let me in to get my car. I put the two tickets in my purse. We got home about 11:25 It was a long ride! When we got home we fell asleep. The next morning I found a note that said:

    Dear Lucinda,

    Meet me at Jake’s Café 8pm

    July 23, very important.


    So at 7:45 I headed towards Jakes Café and when I got there the most horrible surprise was waiting for me I entered the café and I found a hand covered with blood and with the wedding ring I bought him! I screamed! It was horrible! This could not be happening! I ran toward the arm and yes it was CHRIS’S arm! I dropped my purse next to all the blood with out realizing it!! I cried so much…………….. I had lost my best friend.

    The next few day detectives came and saw the crime scene. Apparently the person who killed my husband wore a small shoe and a big shoe to make it look like someone else did it.. lucky now he is behind bars and will never harm anyone again. Chris’s loss hurt with all my heart and I will never forget him. The person who killed him was the person who deposited the money. BLADE CUNNINGHAM!