• Note 1

    Hey, you know the kid in the back corner that always dreses in black, thats me. I know that if your reading this your probably what me to get right to the point so you can get on in life, so il make it quick. I love you. I have had a crush on you ever since the third grade when you came to school in that purple dress looking all so fine. I have had a crush ever since. The reason why im sending you ths not is because of your friends. There always around you and i can never get close. We have so much in common that you should reconise. We both love books, hate school, think the president should shove a stick up his ars, and both have a thing for art. You want more, i could give you a hundred more and i would still have some to spare that is how much i'm in love with you. I know im not exactly the type you would want to go ut with but maby you should givee it a chance. Am i the only one who feels this way, or can we both share these fealings together. Il send you another note soon, so don't dispair.