• I would like to have my say in what has happened here in Connecticut. I would like to say that I am truly proud, and glad to see that people can come together and give so much to a family that really needed it and truly deserved it. I myself am one of the thousands of non-descript voulenteers who came together and built a new home for a family that went through one tragety after another, some how manageing to pull through in the end. Just this evening I went to the MGM Grand at fox woods, to watch the airing of the show, and all I can say is it was somthing to be proud of, and somthing to cry about. My parents, owners of a franchize of a glass buisness, built some of the windows, and installed some showers, which where donated by a couple of companies, who were more then happy to help. We all put in long, and at times, nearly unending hours. For a while they were behind schedule. The cold messed with the foundation, mud became so deep they had to lay down ply wood after somone became stuck in it, and the high winds threatened to rip the pannels for the walls away from the cranes, but in the end it came together. I my self couldn't do alot, but I gave my time, and did what I could. Thank you to all those who worked so hard, for so long, and to all those who gave, weather it was food, supplies, toys, or blood at the blood drive. I couldn't be there the day the bus moved, but I wanted to be. So though they have already returned and now live in their beautiful home, I my self wish to say, even at such a late date, Welcome home Girard Family. My heart goes out to you for your loss, dispite me never have meeting you. You truly deserve this new home, being the giving people I have hear you are. So welcome home, and I hope you can start to heal and live good lives again.

    If any one would like to know more about the family and what went on. I beleive they have the story at either ABC.com or at extremehomebybruno.com. Have a nice day.