• Izumia was waiting for Takeo and the ball dance instructor to come in. Izumia waited, “Where is he?” They basically forced me to do this and I need to learn how to dance really good by tomorrow.” Takeo and Nakuto walk in. Izumia looks up and says, “Wait, you two are the dance instructors.” Nakuto said, “The other dance instructor could not make it, so we are here to take his place.” Takeo looks at Izumia, “You ready. We will start with the basics.” Izumia tries to sneak out. Takeo says, “Do not try the back door, because you are not getting out of this.” Izumia turns around. Takeo says, “Come here, you are not going to just stand there.” Izumia walks up to Takeo. Takeo explains how to get into the position to start dancing. Nakuto starts the music and Takeo starts to move. Izumia panics, “Ah to fast, slow it down.” Takeo says, “This is as slow as it can get.” Izumia moves with Takeo and Izumia steps on Takeo’s feet. “Sorry!” Takeo says, “You are fine. Actually you are doing really well for your first time.” Nakuto stops the music and says, “Now that you have got the hang of it, got back to your room and try it with your dress.” Izumia says sounding surprised, “What about my normal dress?” Takeo answer, “You need to get used to the other dress and everything. After that you can change back and we will try other types of dances.” Izumia goes back into her room and changes. Izumia goes back to the ballroom. Takeo sees Izumia and smiles. Takeo stretches out his hand and says, “Let us begin.” Izumia takes his hand and they do the dance he taught her. Takeo says, “Ok, go change into something comfortable, because next is the Tango.” Izumia leaves and changes back into her comfortable clothes. Izumia walks back in. Takeo is over by the CD player trying to find the right song. Takeo turns around and says, “Ok, this dance is a little bit more difficult than others and to let you know the people have to be a little um, close.” Izumia walks over and says, “Well, let’s get started.” Takeo takes her hand and gets into the right stance. They do the Tango and they do it right the first time. The twins and Nakuto clap at the end. Takeo and Izumia blush. Izumia looks out the window and sees that it is night already and says, “Wow, it is night time already. Well, then I will go back to my room and gets some rest since tomorrow is he big ball.” Takeo says, “Goodnight.” The twins escort her to her room. Nakuto looks at Takeo and says, “You looked like you had fun. I have not seen you smile like that in a long time.” Takeo smiles, “Things have changed since then.” Izumia lies in her bed having trouble sleeping. She walks out onto the balcony and sits on the ledge and looks up at the stars. Izumia gets amazed, “Wow, they are so beautiful.” Izumia starts to nod off and goes to her bed and falls asleep, finally. The next day comes and Izumia goes down to the kitchen and there is a huge breakfast feast in front of here. Izumia looks around, “Where is everyone? I will look for everyone after I eat, I am starving.” Izumia has pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and French toast. Izumia sits back, “That was a great breakfast.” Izumia walks around the castle trying to find everyone she goes into the ballroom and everyone yells, “Happy Birthday Malady Izumia.” Izumia falls back, “Whoa, how did you guys know about my birthday.” Kenji comes up, “You talk in your sleep.” Takeru laughs, “You talk in your sleep loudly.” Izumia sees something under a sheet, “What is that.” Kenji and Takeru take off the sheet and show a beautiful dress. Izumia is surprised, “Wow, it is beautiful.” Takeo comes behind her and says, “We hope you will wear it tonight.” Izumia turns around and asks, “Are you sure it will fit?” Nakuto says, “It will fit we use the same spell for all clothes to make sure it fits no matter what every time you use it.” Izumia smiles and says, “I might as well get ready the ball starts in two hours and I need to get my hair fixed.” Izumia goes to her room and gets ready. In about an hour Takeo knocks on the door and starts to come in and says, Izumia, you rea-…” Takeo gets out very fast and says in a panic type voice, “I am sorry Izumia I did not know.” Izumia laughs, “It is ok.” Takeo says through the door, “You might want to hurry because a lot of the guests are coming in.” Izumia says, “Alright, I am ready.” Izumia walks out and Takeo says, "You look beautiful." Izumia smiles, "Thank you."

    End of Chapter 10