• I feel like I'm floating on a boat which has no need to be buoyant. By which I mean it is sitting on solid ground. By which I mean I am not sailing. By which I mean I'm stagnant.

    and I hope you can understand that. because f you can't then you are on a boat too. the fail boat. and you are sailing like I only wish I could. But all humor aside lets have a chat you and I. because... Well I'm stuck here and I've got nothing better to do.

    Darling- my dear... my precious, my perfect, my precocious. I feel the stagnation growing on me, like little calluses infecting my feet. then hands, then arms, and legs, and ears, torso, mouth, eyes... all the places they love to fester.

    I'm simply saying that that I'm going to starve out the little blood suckers that fly around my morose vessel. because their probosces fail to penetrate my layers of immobility. even the most emaciated of the little women cannot force their appendages into my thickened skin. The males of course ironically impotent in this matter. Mother Nature must love mosquitoes most...

    But I digress because this is not about mosquitoes.This is something I have to tell you. I know that with my hide so gnarled and hard I must be atrocious to every sense. But I would love it if you would stay with me. Because one day- I promise- it will rain. I'll understand why I stayed in in this god forsaken pontoon. The rain will wash away my armored hide. and we'll have a beautiful ocean on which to sail... But alone. On my boat.

    well that,
    that would be madness. I'd see the most beautiful things the would could offer. and I'd have no one to tell. except the bloodsuckers, whose appendages would rest quite comfortably in my new found flesh. soft and mallow.