• Prolouge

    My palms were clammy and my hands were shaking as I opened the door that led into the main room of Arro Academy.
    The room was more like a cathedral: high ceilings lavishly painted, benches lined perfectly and painted blue and gold. The floor itself had an ornate design on it of which I could not understand. It seemed to spread under the benches around the room like thousands of snakes let loose in a church like room...
    My name spoken in such a way, my head snapped up and peered through the dim light in search of my caller.
    "Ajnin Time, Welcome to Arro Academy"
    I was sure my blood was running cold as I located the dark hooded figure standing at the front of the room on a raised stage like platform. Candles encircled this figures feet and were placed upon the stand at which the figure stood. I shook off all my fear and walked, a little more boldly than I felt, to the front bench where I sat waiting for this mysterious thing to speak again.
    "Here at Arro, there are a few characteristics you will come to aquire"
    "As?" I found myself saying.
    The figure seemed taken aback when I spoke and it hesitated before motioning to come up on the platform.
    Which I obidiently did.
    "Strenghth, Fearlessness and Leadership"
    The last word that escaped the mouth of this person was said in such a way that a chill ran up my spine. I found myself, upon the platform alone and this shadowy human standing below me.
    Leadership sure felt funny.

    Chapter 1 Sartornai

    The halls of Arro Academy were empty as I raced down them in a desperate hurry to get to my first class.
    Wherever that may be.
    I had only a small map of the school and my schoolbag and so far, those items meant for use weren't doing much good.
    My bag seemed to become heavy as I rounded my fifth corner and I collapsed on the cold stone floor and opened the map.
    "Hello, lost are you?"
    I looked up, expecting to see the intimidating shadow man that greeted me upon my first arrival.
    Instead a girl, a little older than me maybe was standing above me, her hand outstretched to help me to my feet.
    "Um, a little, I'm new" I said getting up without assistance.
    "Oh, that is my fault I'm afraid," said the girl lowering her eyes, "I was suppose to come and take you around for the first day. I was running a little late as you see. I'm so sorry"
    "It's alright," I murmured.
    "Anyways, I'm Sartornai; Welcome to Arro"
    "I'm Ajnin, thank you"
    "Ajnin, such a pretty name," Sartornai said leading the way down the hall, "I can tell you will be the height of talk around Arro for awhile,"
    "Oh no," laughed Sartornai, "In a good way I assure you. You see, this school has more boys than girls"
    I blushed.
    "So with another lady in the school, by all means they will talk of you," Sartornai said smiling.
    We rounded another corner and went up a set of stairs which ended in a long hallway.
    Sartornai stopped abruptly and opened a door to the left which led into a library like room.
    "We're in study hall" she explained in a half whisper, "Come on, come sit by me"
    Walking through the creaking wood floors of the library I could see what Sartornai meant by 'More boys than girls'.
    They crowded the tables, stood against the bookshelves and spoke quietly in small clusters of three or four. When I sat at the table with Sartornai, I felt as if the whole room was staring at me and being a modest person, that felt rather odd...
    "Ajnin, these are my brothers, Merel and Arlektori"
    I looked up at the two that sat across from me and I admit, I probably did a double take.
    The one, I suppose was Arlektori gave me a reassuring smile from beneath his mop of unaturally white hair. His eyes, an icy teal danced from me to Sartornai and he spoke, "Well, you two seem to be friends already,".
    The other, Merel, seemed like his exact opposite with jet black hair and fiery red eyes that scanned the book in front of him. He nodded without looking up from his reading and I could hear Sartornai sigh in dismay.
    "So, you are new to Arro? I'm sure you'll like it here," Arlektori said and Satornai nodded.
    "I'm sure I will" I said, but I was almost positive that I wouldn't.

    * * * * * * *

    Later that night after dinner, Sartornai led me to the girls dorm, a small little area that faced a beautiful lake which sparkled like diamonds under the full moon.
    "It's only eight of us in here" Sartornai said, "Eight of us in this dorm, eight of us in this entire school"
    "And how many people are in the school total?"
    "Three hundred"
    My mouth gaped. Eight girls and two-hundred ninety-two boys?
    "The beds are through that door," Sartornai said pointing, "My bed has the white linen with the lace near the bottom, you can have the bed to my right"
    "Thank you, but aren't you coming to bed?"
    Sartornai smiled, "I'm afraid not, I have things to do. But I'll be in later"
    I nodded and watched Sartornai dart out of the room and I went quietly into the bed area where I located my bed and was pleased to see my bags sitting neatly underneath. I was indeed sleepy, but my eyes just refused to close. Curiosity as to where Sartornai disappeared to over came me and I sat up in bed, peering around the moonlit room at the other girls.
    All asleep.
    I slipped quietly out of bed, out of the room and I stood in the hallways of Arro, engulfed in a heavy darkness.
    I turned sharply to footsteps behind me and I wasn't sure to run back into the room or face whoever was about to come upon me. To slow was I in thinking, the person, of coure a boy, was just about five feet away from me.
    "Um, excuse me?"
    "Hmm? Yes?" He said looking up from the papers he held.
    "Do you know..." How should I ask him? Where Sartornai was? "Do you know if Arkeltori and Merel are in bed?"
    "Nope, they never go to bed straight away. They always disappear of somewhere," he said shrugging, "Well at least I'm not the only person who finds it odd"
    I nodded and thought to myself.
    "Well, I suppose they'll turn up around midnight like they do," he said smiling, "Good night miss"
    I smiled back and went back into the bed room where I collapsed on my bed. Curiosty overwhelming me.