• In the 11th century, during the Crusades there was a time of great need for the religions. There was to be held a great meeting where a "leader" was to be chosen for each religion. A true leader to be precise, they would be blessed immortality and they could not die, but only under one acception. They were killed by another religion.

    Each religion thought thouroghly and precisely who to choose, for they would have to last till the end of humanity. There were only three rules to follow, one was that the person chosen had to be true to the religion. Second, they had to be willing to die for there religion, and the third.... They could not be afraid to die.

    Five years passed and the great meeting was held in Jerusalem. However, it wasn't in Jerusalem, but under it where the very first religion was formed, and where ALL religions are gaven birth today... under secretcy, in the holy temple that was called, "Religion". Each religion had chosen a great leader, they all verried from size, shape, and attribute. However, one leader chosen was very... how you say... strange. He had white hair, a white robe, and carried a black and brown cross on his back, the size of it was TREMENDOUS! You would think a small person like that would not be able to bear the dead... However he walked as if it wasnt even on his back... How light footed he was... The other leaders questioned his faith since he was so young. Nobody knew just how old he was... but not very old like the other leaders. He wore black and white clothes, back in those times that was very... questionable.

    The leaders circled around each other, and had to sign the document that made them leader. The agreement was that whichever leader stood alive in the ending... was the winning religion and others were terminated, slowly but surely. However, killing a leader wasn't as easy as it sounded, for a religion had to thrive and become "a religion" over the upcoming centuries.

    Each person signed it, one by one they signed. When it came time for our center of attention to sign, he smiled a inparticular smile and said, "Well this is going to be a more thriving lifetime then I fortold, I look forward to killing you all."