• Once upon a time there was a silly froggy named Jacob. Jacob didn't know right from wrong, so he ate Rachels. Poor, poor Rachels. And so everybody else thought that was wrong. Yes silly froggy named Jacob. That is VERY VERY VERY wrong. And so then, an amazing lime green zebra named Tanner, went on a quest to go eat the silly froggy named Jacob. It is a sad ending. Because the silly froggy named Jacob had gotten eaten by an amazing lime green zebra named Tanner. HOORAY FOR THE RACHELS! But then, they all got abducted by aliens and the Secret Society of Secret Spy Ducks. Yes, I know you may think that the author of this story is on crack, but it's just her amazing imagination! Anyways, the Secret Society of Secret Spy Ducks went to France, and went to the awesome underground tunnels to go swimming in the awesome pools. But sadly, the Secret Society of Secret Spy Ducks got eaten by a black man who works at a shoe store named Duane. That was the end of S.S.S.S.D.. And the aliens turned out to be the Secret Association of Secret Spy Cows, and instead of mooing, these cows would meow...Like cats.Yes, like cats. I bet you are wondering if this is the end of my story. HELL NO! (: The Secret Association of Secret Spy Cows went on a quest to go search for the Phatties (pronounced as Paty). Of course, Phatties are hard to find. Not easy AT ALL. So what they did, was they hired an amazing group of Private Investegators (these are probably the most normal thing in my story). The Private Investagators were really candy canes who fought crime with Pegan the Pink Unicorn. and Pegan the Pink Unicorn was on a quest too! She was looking for a Gwendis. Well, I will tell you about the Secret Association of Secret Spy Cows' quest first. They ended up finding the Phatties, but she was on a special island where land really was liquid, and liquid was really toxic waste. IT WAS LIME GREEN TOO!!!!!! XD AMAZING! so they never really went swimming...otherwise, I think that the world would end. And then Pegan the Pink Unicorn, and her crime fighting Candy Canes, were wondering where to find their Gwendis. Because Gwendis, has a magical peice of toe nail, that made everything peace-ey. PEACE!! PLUS LOVE!! EQUALS HAPPINESS!! And that is what Wisconsin is all about you haters! Anyways, Gwendis was hiding from these..."Crazy" Pegan the Pink Unicorn, and her crime fighing Candy Canes. She was hiding with a magical piece of toe nail, IN A BAG OF SKITTLES! (they were sour). (sold in any Wal-Mart near you...I'm not on crack...maybe.) and they met...a...GREEN MICHAEL JASICKAN! (it is correctly spelled. don't think anything WRONG of it b***h! hahha...just kidding!) aaaahha! on with the story... so Gwendis and her magical piece of toe nail said "Hi." to the Green Michael Jasickan. The Green Michael Jasican ran AWAAAAAAAAAY! And he changed his greeness to orangness. So he wasn't a Green Michael Jasickan anymore...He was an Orange Michael Jasican! LMFAO! this story is starting to be a drag. I'm sorry. Anyways... Gwendis and her piece of toe nail were still in the sour Skittles bag, (sold in any Wal-Mart near you). Just waiting to be found by the Secret Association of Secret Spy Cows. (S.A.S.S.C) I LIKE FLAMING HOT CHEATOS! aaaahhhha! and blue hats are AMAZING! So we have to go back to the story...or else it will NEVER END! (don't say this is stupid. fine...I'll just end it here! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IF THE S.A.S.S.C. EVER FOUND GWENIDS AND HER MAGICAL PIECE OF TOE NAIL! MOTHER EFFER! (:
    i love you all.
    so don't think i'm on crack.
    i'm not what you think i am...
    ohhhhhh what now?!?!
    wanna talk?
    message me.
    i'm a random person.
    or a depressing person.
    i guess it really depends.
    i guess this is just not ever going to end...
    or is it?

    THE END!

    hahha (: gotcha!

    okay really...
    The End.