• to start it off I've been feeling weird lately, like I've been getting weaker...my friends are growing farther apart..i keep dropping my sword and i only cry tears of blood now...Maybe i should start from the beginning. well to start it off, i was 4 years old when my grandpa put me in a dojo and since then I have been training in martial arts. i didn't have much friends but i was happy because i had family...some few years later after an uncountable amount of family deaths and the family was beginning to go to s**t some man drove up in a red pick up truck and holy s**t, that's my old man now. he's ten years older than my mom; going deaf blind and losing his mobility. he had a few kids and family himself but one kid caught my attention, my half brother..i tried to teach him martial arts because i felt he had the power to learn it...young and stupid, i didn't think he would use it to actually fight people. and now he's a hellspawn if you know what i mean.

    along the line i gained to of my best friends, Chris and Louis. we did alot together until Chris ended up with a Girlfriend, her dad didn't like it since she lived all the way in canada so he was gonna go get her himself, me and Louis knew it was a bad idea to go alone so we insisted on coming, so that's were the real story starts. i trained hard with weapons, in hot and cold, night and day. that day was going to be my end yet...my beginning in a way.

    after a few years i was restless and joined a dojo again and did Brazilian JiuJitsu for three years, i didn't get any recognition so i quit for Taekwondo...the dojo master was grandmaster Choi, a fourth star general in the green beret and the highest degree black belt possible. but he didnt teach the dojo much, a guy named joon did. he was one tough guy and took an eye on me while i was using weapons one day and decided to teach me some more. i respected him as my master and he taught me well. i got a friend Alan..of all the people we had an aura about him that made me want to fight him, well sure enough i had that chance...a tournament was being held place in Fort worth Texas, we both happened to be in the same division. now the whole week i had been telling people im not coming home until i get a gold metal. the time came and we set off to Fort Worth, the road was long but me, Alan and my other friend Bryant were there to give each other company. we stayed up until the morning and tired as hell we made a good walk in thirty degree weather to the fighting arenas. at last, the time of truth...who's the toughest?

    a fury of punches and kicks and i was losing by 2 points so i pulled a Musashi Miyamoto
    on him, i kicked him a few times and danced around the arena and eventually he got mad when i initiated the last kick....a direct hit and the fight was over...i had won by one point, everyone was cheering and for the first time i felt like i was noticed, the crowd cheering my name...it was all fake, ill just be another person after this is all over.

    joon didn't look happy that i won, the underdog had won...i didn't know why, a couple of hours later and i figured out it was his birthday so we went out to celebrate and we had a big feast you could say...alan wasn't too mad but still wanted to get even by scaring the hell out of me he told me to spin my fingers in the air and say woo hoo...i looked at bryant and asked why he told me to do it and they told me to just do it....so i did -_-...everyone in the kitchen ran out and started to scream woo hoo with a cake and cowboy hat in there arsenal and i hid under the table....luckily they avoided me and went to joon. we had fun and joon was drunk off his rocker, kept on insisting i should have a shot...drinking is bad for you...
    i over heard joon was leaving to be an intelligence gatherer in the special forces...

    December 2, 2009
    my last promotion from learning under joon...i did better than my best and in the end he told me "when i get back you have to teach me something with a weapon, okay?"
    so i train harder than i ever have...when my arms hurt i only punish them for not living to the standards i have only trained so hard to meet. its been a while since i talked to Chris...turns out he wants to go to to canada alone...i guess i was just following someone Else's story this whole time..so when does my story actually start, do i have a story...i guess for now I'm just a ghost. people are afraid that the stupid things i do will kill me...you know im a bit scared myself but i refuse to die before i get a story no matter what!

    January 10, 2010