• It was a winter night, the ground that we were lying on was cold, the crisp air was just as cold, the grass stiff and pokey like hay, the pond beside us was frozen solid, and no fireflies made the night sparkle more than it already was.
    Last summer, we lay in the very same spot, we were the very best friends, but that had changed. He we were again, in a totally different atmosphere, and in a totally different relationship as well.
    We were both looking up at the night sky, billions upon billions of stars were out, but only one was the most beautiful of them all, the moon. The moon and it's light shined so bright that the sun could have been replaced by it's bright light and beauty.
    He, Jeol, looked at me and smiled. "Remember when...", he began. That was my cue.
    "You first called me beautiful? Yeah, I remember that", I said with a laugh..
    "Ha ha ha. Very funny, Mari. How about the first time I kissed you? Remember that well?"
    I did, but I really felt like messing around with him. So I did.
    "When did I kiss you?"
    His humorous look on his face slowly died off into a heart-broken curiosity. "You seriously don't remember?"
    I couldn't bare his pout-full face. "Of course I remember", I exclaimed. I then muttered to myself, "How can't someone remember?"
    His face now showed relief, and in his eyes I could also see some joy. He laughed. I was right, relief and joy.
    "I seriously thought you forgot! Why did you do that to me?"
    I shrugged. "Just felt like messin' around is all", I said with a smile. Then I decided to do my stupid little puppy face act that he oh so loved. "I didn't mean to hurt you", I said innocently.
    He scooted closer towards me, and put one arm around my shoulders, holding me tightly, keeping me warm. Then he looked at me with his large hazel eyes. Even though they were hazel, they seemed bright like sky blue ones and were filled with even more joy than before.
    Then he said with a whisper, "You didn't. I was just worried you had amnesia. I was about to rush you to the hospital."
    I let out a little giggle. Then leaned my head against his shoulder, wanting him to hold me closer. Then he slowly approached my face, his breath was warm, and made me feel like I had melted in his arms. Even though he wasn't breathing uneasy, like he was nervous, his heart beat was rapid, as was mine. I closed my eyes as soon as I felt his smooth lips barely touch mine. It had happened... again. Just like last summer, under the moon lite.