• There are two types of people in this world, in my opinion: Pokemon fans, and non Pokemon fans. At least, that's how I classify it. And there are those who choose a Pokemon, and become the fan of the Pokemon. I choose Lucario as my favorite. True, it's not very unique or creative to choose Lucario, as many other people choose Lucario as well, but I really like him for some reason. The funniest thing is how I first saw Lucario. I was possibly 12, 13, or more, who knows, but when I was watching TV, I saw a commercial on CartoonNetwork about a new Pokemon movie special. At first, this new, blue Pokemon looked so foreign: what was it, and what the heck did it do? You know how when people see new Pokemon, it looks so strange, so alien-like, and it doesn't seem to register in your brain that it's a Pokemon, because it doesn't look much like the first 150, or even somewhat similar? I hadn't even known what Lucario really looked like; I'd only gotten a glimpse. A little while after, I was channel flipping, and happened to see the special replaying on CartoonNetwork. Interested, I stayed on the channel, and waited for the movie to return from commercials. The only problem was that it wasn't from the beginning, and I had arrived at the part where Ash and company were lounging by a campfire, talking of how Pikachu truly became friends with Ash. After seeing Lucario act with hostility against Ash, I was immediately irritated by his behavior, and loathed Lucario deeply (because Ash didn't do anything wrong, and Ash was one of my heroes). I could only think, What's this guy's problem?! What a jerk! And so my opinion stayed that way until a week later, I saw the movie again, from the beginning, and then I really understood his attitude. Then, it snowballed down into several events, from admiring his power of aura (I think that's when I really knew what aura was) to making up Lucarios of my own, to buying a Pokemon Diamond to call my very own (and receiving my first and amazing Lucario), to discovering Lucario participated in the game of my dreams, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and much more after that! It's strange to think that even though I hated Lucario at first, I became a fan. He's at the top of my list, right above Grovyle (who I recently became a fan of after Mystery Dungeon) and his pre form is there as well.

    So what's your Pokemon Fan Story?