• In the land of destiny,the five elder gods ruled supreme-fortune,hope,faith,love...and pain.The people of destiny lived their lives peacefully,and we're starting to forget about pain,angering him into enslaving the two gods-faith and hope,draining their power,and thus the people of destiny were losing faith and hope,even the king and his mighty warriors-the mythrill knights were helpless to Pain's army of demons he had formed.however,all was not lost.In the town of lea'h cim there lived two thieves and childhood friends named Micah and Selene Who Faith and Hope favored.Faith and Hope knew they stood no chance against pain with most of their powers drained,decided to bestow what little power they had left on Micah and Selene,who has set out to the nether realm to free the two gods.Toghether they journeyed through the barren,twisted wastes of the nether realm,using their cunning and skill as thieves to outwit-outfight their foes,u til all that was,left was pain himself.Pain,as he knew himself,easily outmatched the two thieves-but just when the fight seemed over,the two gods-Fourtune and Love understood the peril that the land was facing,and withdrawed their powers to Micah and Selene.With the power of 4 gods against one,they suceeded in defeating pain,and freed the gods,Faith and Hope to bring peace back to destiny.Together,Micah and Selene became king and queen of destiny,by the will of the gods and together they ruled...the land of DESTINY.

    Btw I have made a few avatar entries for this storyline in case you would like to check it out smile