• Any man or woman that is willing to learn, is teachable. It is not by the factor of changing the mankind by that of we the man, but for the glory of the true God. Therefore, the mankind is changeable unto the glory of the Father. If so, we are one to acknowledge the Lord’s conviction to that of life acknowledgement, such is the teaching of not only mankind or creation to everything, but the Lord’s mightiest works of wisdom. The words of the Lord are engraved on mankind’s heart or among that being of a consciousness which convicts. Even the ability to love mankind properly is compared to the improper morale actions and practices to sacrificial of the world. The Lord promises us each day to be new as we choose to walk with Him. It is for our greater good. We shall not worry of our past as to commit repetition of old or sinful ways. For we renew our minds with the words of wisdom provided unto the life. I sought the Lords’ face and it brings a delight to my soul to know his compassion rather than a rebuke of judgement. Though this is not in life, to be like the disciples, or to bring a doubting Thomas example where one shall stick a hand into the piercing of a Lord. Maybe, so as a rebuke to us for the Lord’s persecution, but manifested is life of the spirit with growth eternal to God. Onto the end or beginning of my days, shall my spirit be tested by Him. He knows our heart and is attentive, even if we do not seem to understand or acknowledge. For the glimpse of being blind would I exchange the witness of my deeds and thoughts past where a man acts a creature. Including how sometimes our nature tries to contradict the spirit. A confession as a man to make as a witness for seeing a ladies’ nakedness and mating like an animal – whether that be her parts or the lady allowing me to do so. Most feel the sensations and perversions in their youth, teenage, to adultlike years and must be taught not to act X-rated younger to older. I saw her beauty and seduction methods and it would be courteous of a guy, loyal in a commitment, not to be a pervert or to touch a woman, even if they are tempted of the sexes – a partner, but rather ask permission among that and conquer the nature with spirit. It is hard for a younger lady to break the habit – though I was discussing my own as a man with ill-worth-dignity to witness lustful practices and situations not to mention – as a man can be tempted. For it takes two to have a conversation. There is such a thing as too much sexual activity and need for boundaries and others of life do this under oppression and boredom to wanting to have an experience to mate. Others after I held tears in my mind from relational depression found me blameless? God created each of its own kind, the nature, good for mankind. Thus, also a view of Genesis – and not for us to commit lusts to not our types or an unequal yoked mix among Christian and non-believer or chaotic to that of a human and beast. Similar examples are the Genesis era. Please do not become wicked and have the world burn or flood sectors of the world destroyed due to mankind humanitarian issue such as disease manmade to persecution stream. Yet we tell those who cause it for the safety of others, some refused to listen, or others not really heard, to aside from not paying attention. I am not perfect like my Lord our God. As is radiance and purity and even among its standards, could never make the world happier without the love of God. So, as I decrease, my Lord shall increase. I had seen life before me grow in a decade and in others it fades – even among generations to the older – even among unholy and holy to witness, though many not think on these things, to block images from their head. It of much shows our sanity compared to how we should be a people. Motivation for men inspired is not to look unto the body improperly but to believe and see relationships holy, is a worthy variance of truths and compassions on how we treat our fellows to that of women and not to commit lusts, though the Lord blesses us with relations in our deepest need or depravity sometimes curses others for indulgence by means of sex or prowess to lack of health distinctions. I had prayed for a mate for five or so years after having my heart broken, or cheated on, and not seeing people up to the modern where much has changed by blessing, and not my deeds to witness, to sometimes think as a man, think about being someday being a father. I am Christian conservative, pro-life, not homosexual – same sex pervasive, though witnessed reasonable and unreasonable when it comes down to the natural processes. Others had their relations to grow up in community connections to similar issues or circumstances of bodily aggressions to a desire to be pure or grow to need. It is so to avoid the heartbreak, or the situations that tear us as people. For life that preserve the ability to admit what I had done wrong, shows the Lord grows with my heart. It is not to commit the action but to bring honor to God after being forgiven, admitting I was wrong to be a creature, and show repentance with change. Had the Lord given me a relationship, but truly I must place my heart first to God, then family, then relationships before myself while caring for self. I know to be loyal with one relationship at a time, do not cheat, and bless the Lord first, to treat also the lady with respect who would some day be my wife if so, she chooses – and not for me to force one as a man or to let the lady decide I will bind you to me. Surely in all this the parents would be ashamed if I told them, at my age, we actually as children knew about sex but refused in some way to tell our parents though others sought to break sexual habits to younger, acting among also, and ages be hypocritical in their growth… It reflects on elder and young. And the room goes silent to the parents have their adverse comments to children the reputations at stake to life progression on how we see life at its youth or birth. What people do in their own personal relations is so their affair to what life would expect that even God knows the heart to deed. The Lord blesses usually sinners with a child to prove to them love and existence of the Lord to life. It does not make the child more or less of a future parent or caretaker of elderly and young. As there are not so good models, there are those of respectable models. The world’s cruelty thinks it can clone life or manipulate its genetics among science. The attribute or code of life is this, that only a woman can have a baby, unless in the view of man to the situation to challenge God at morality, to that of what forms in the body. Usually, in my mind, the doctors would be wrong to altar the genetics of each one with hormone and research experiments or genetics - whether that be man or woman, though adults would normally hold options liable with accountability to contradict this perversion or to enhance it among mankind. An example learned in a technical world of someone born of both male-and-female – androgynous. It would be painful on the child to have the pieces cut to be one sex or the other. This is different from homosexual, but mankind should not be perverse and promote sickness of sexual exploration to massacre to transsexualism. Nor should relationships among men or women be discouraged less it is harmful to the body and soul, and impact on the child to how the perceptions of life view one sexual nature compared to that of what is morally right in the eyes of God compared to that of mankind. God shall judge the nations on the culture and traditions of purity to looks at the heart. There is a preference in every man to that of the mate towards their partners and the Lord to mankind love who they love. On the perspective of defending homosexuality or persecution of sexes through omission of reality and consequences, I do not. In a sinful world, sexual behavior is sought among the common man compared to those who never really understood concepts of faith but grew up naturally living. It is not for mankind as myself to judge or discriminate, based on skin, color, or sex, though that be a preference unless one searches for blood similarity or difference. Nationality and race should not matter and should not be used discriminately, though genetic health proves influential on the conditions of mankind. It is God that decides whether kids and adults would love their kin though mankind has free-will. Because someone sees someone as beautiful, should not make someone a target for entertainment or a sickness. Public individuals who do this not privately when it comes down to sexual means, are truly sick individuals or conflicted with life challenges unlike, but similar to the civil. – Discourage the hypercriticism when it comes to loving thy neighbor as thyself to that of what sickness promotes among entertainment to inappropriateness in industries to lure younger to criminalities – meaning life and death mostly is hypocritical in its actions how it conducts itself natural. And the darkness and lack of life does not promote the Spirit of God but tells us that life is not premature, or mature, but immature – a childlike adult and elder. For I had seen younger ages grow among wisdom or generations repeat among the masses. From what I saw with my eyes and the mind, is sicker than one could state but it shows how much the world needs Godlike view to shine light with purity. Life that chooses isolation from whom could care for it rather, to oppress it shall bring sadness but its care and flourishment brings radiance to life purpose. In virtual spaces, one can see the sickness in conduct. Of what morale basis does the standards of man invest in the purposes of life and that of holy purity?
    I would not allow them to kill off people decent. Though it is not for me, but the decisions of mankind and God to make among the natural processes of nature.
    With transsexualism it is morally wrong as shown by properness. Though perverse, they have a choice to change themselves and not make morale wrong decisions.
    No individual shall commit bodily harm to an individual, violate privacy, or commit inappropriate sexual acts to take advantage of the opposite or straight sexes. Gender sexuality, and race should not be taught wrongly in school to younger children but adults, whereas others should teach better rated subjects in a sinful world.