• People are extremely narrow minded, narrow sighted. Nobody wants to see the big picture. They ask: "Why should I do this if I see no value in it?"

    "Why spend my time and effort if I don't care?"

    "Why should I care?"

    And even explaining their flaws accurately to their faces, they still just don't get the point.

    They're a very pessimistic society, because they're taught to think that way. They've been brought up to think that the impossible can never be achieved, that they're efforts will always be in vain.

    People leave the course of the world in the hands of an imaginary solar deity, waiting for them to come crashing down on our planet like an alien life form, and save us from ourselves, giving us a new world. People leave the fate in their hands. They're not optimistic enough, not damn bold enough to even try to make the world a better place.

    The people who shape this world are usually the ones you least expect, and normally it's the people who many people call blasphemers. The heretics, the one's with an opened mind, with opened doors. The ones that question the system, the ones that don't take a simple Yes or No for an answer. The ones who seek out the details, and the ones who spout truth in the face of the rich ruling elite's lies.

    "History was written by those who hung heroes."

    Of course, this kind of default and belief system biased to those who would dare stand up to those considered tyrannous, is what keeps people from doing just that. It's the fear of losing what one has that we cannot place ourselves in the front lines.

    In truth, all they do have of significant value is their lives. Blood, flesh, and bones. There is no value on any of the material goods they claim to own, for ownership is obsolete in a world where everyone has unrestricted access to what they think they need. Money holds no value when it comes to a world where they are given the food, the shelter and the necessities of survival.

    And it is the mere fact that people must compete for labor in order to survive, it is the fact that people are only educated in the minor fields to be designated a particular role in society, that the doors to them are closed and they may only see one result, when the world of possibilities is all around them.

    Life, currently, is a game of chance. People are born and placed into a robotic world, where those positioned to do so install the fabrications of the system into the youth. Mythical beliefs, linear education, political racket and a poor quality sense of personal gain.

    The Ghost will only ask: "Are they so primitive?"