• I once met a man
    he looked at me with sad eyes
    he said he came from a land
    a land were this didnt happen
    were there were no people
    and as much litter, there wasnt a single napkin
    he laughed with a tear
    and the there was no fear in him i saw
    he knew all was well
    and that his wife was swell
    even though he was out here
    in the streets
    with no shoes on his feet
    he was glad
    glad he could breath
    glad he could see
    he pointed to a man
    a busy man
    in a suit
    he said that he knew the man'
    he came out of the store everyday for the past week
    mad that it wasnt there
    and he sighed
    i asked him that what wasnt there
    and he said simply
    his hopes
    his dreams
    and all of what he needed
    i looked at him in puzzlement
    he sighed again
    he didnt ever find it
    he said
    and he never will
    not with the lifes he lead
    he isnt kind
    he isnt strong
    all he does is push whats not there
    eventuly he'll become me though.
    he laughed.
    not out here on this corner
    and glad
    that he can breathe and
    see the colors of whats not there
    i asked him what he ment
    he pointed to a small child laughing at anouther
    the lights of all
    the child over there,
    he is blue
    a soft bouncy blue
    while her
    he pointed to a teen at a corner
    is redish black
    shes mad
    and hateful.
    i began to leave but he grabbed my arm
    if u do not enjoy life now
    lights may come
    he let go and i stumbled away
    his words ment something
    but yet
    id like to think he was sane
    but possibly not.
    like auras?
    how did it serve his needs of being happy?
    and did make since
    of course not
    it would never
    i looked in the mirror
    i had a grey light
    i was sad i would assume he would say
    and i was
    sad that it didnt follow up
    i layed down
    and slept
    and thought
    i saw him the next day
    he talked about shadows
    how they talked as much as